[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]

Why I think these cats are UNDERRATED! by Frecklesong

Frecklesong discusses some characters they think are underrated by the fandom.

[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]
Art by Songsteps-Designs
[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]

So this is an explanation of why i think these specific cats are underrated. This is my first article, so sorry if I get stuff wrong.

Number one, Mothwing. She’s genuinely very nice, and literally nobody notices her. She doesn’t believe in Starclan, but i feel like she was very helpful in helping Jayfeather get the prophecy about Flametail. It would have made sense if she were the fourth cat of the prophecy, but i guess Firestar makes even more sense. If im going to be honest, i actually wish she were the fourth cat. I want to see her more in the series, and hope she gets a more important role in the plot than just being a side character in Riverclan. She should have a bigger role, and i think if that’s it for her in the story, i would be disappointed.

Number two, BUMBLESTRIPE!!! Bumblestripe is VERY nice, yet Dovewing said otherwise. He could have had a more important role than just be a side character for drama and stuff like that with Dovewing, but sadly not. He could have even saved someone or something. Maybe almost drowned, or something adventurous. I feel like Dovewing’s chapters would be more interesting if she were with Bumblestripe more or having a walk or stroll with him. He could have his own plot, or something. I think he needs more attention, and if he had it, he could be a pretty good character with actual meaning.

Number three, (The last one i think is MOST underrated.) Graystripe. Why? He literally was there in the beginning with Firestar, and went missing, (Which was a pretty cool plot.) He had been best friends with Firestar his whole warrior life and was very loyal. Also, i think he’s funny. He literally eats and eats, (Which i can relate to.) He also is very friendly, which is a plus for a good friend. I also like him a lot, mainly because of his humor, but that’s just my decision.

And that’s it, i tried to think of more cats but really couldn’t. This is my very first article that i wrote. Thank you for reading my article, and have a good day!

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  • Great article! I definitely agree that Mothwing is underrated.

  • I love Mothwing so much! Though I will say that because the whole freakin fandom loves her (including me) can she really be an underrated character? She gets plenty of attention and while it’s deserved, I think someone like Ravenpaw, Turtle Tail, or even Sunbeam should be at the top of this list instead.

    Bumblestripe!! I couldn’t agree more, sometimes it feels like its only me who ships Bumble+Dove even though I feel that if Dovewing would have just let herself forget about Tigerheart she could have led a really happy and fulfilling life with Bumblestripe!

    Graystripe… I disagree, he is way overrated and can’t be loyal to one clan, I don’t like him because the whole clan was willing to fight for his kits, a chance other half clan kits didn’t get, and he denied it for what? So he could go and betray RiverClan? Also, he goes on that multi day journey to the old territories despite it being a risk, he didn’t get anything done in the process yet he could have made many of his family and friends sad if he died, which at that point was highly likely since he was an elder, he should have had a group of clanmates to back him up but instead he risked his own life.

  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her (A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) Happy Pride Month!!! says:

    Great article! Mothwing deserves more attention.

  • great article, but i kinda disagree about graystripe, hes not underrated but hes a good cat :>. mothwing i feel suffered a lot when willowshine died, and how her brother blackmailed her into giving the prophecy and kicking out stormfur and brook. overall mothwings story was rlly underrated and it was so sad too.

  • If I remember Bumblestripe correctly, he just is really against Clan cats that leave their home Clan to join another. (Like Dovewing.) Thornclaw is also pretty mean when other Clans, like Windclan, visit with a problem, or when cats leave ThunderClan. But he used to be pretty sweet as an apprentice 🙁

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