[image description: collage of the book covers of the first Warriors arc]

Rating Some Warriors Arcs! by Wishpaw

Wishpaw rates some of the arcs from the series.

[image description: collage of the book covers of the first Warriors arc]
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[image description: collage of the book covers of the first Warriors arc]

Hello, fellow BlogClanners! My name is Wishpaw/song, and you can call me Wishpaw, Wishsong, Wish, or Wishy! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Or morning. Or night. Or day…You get the point! Anyway, today I am going to rate some Warriors arcs and the books in them. Warning: I’m tough to please! And there may be spoilers for some of the arcs as well… Anyway, sit back and relax, because we are about to start!

The Prophecies Begin – 9/10
Into The Wild: 8/10 Great book! Though I feel like things weren’t really explained to well at the start.
Fire And Ice: 8/10 Awesomely written, with tons of exciting things! But there were a lot of minor distractions that didn’t really matter in it, and other non-important things
Forest Of Secrets: 9/10 Amazing! It never failed to suck me into each event, though again, there were non-important things, though less, I think.
Rising Storm: 9/10 Yes! A great book! So good it was hard to see the flaw in it: too many problems go by so fast, I really think things could go more slowly instead of all going so quickly as well.
A Dangerous Path: 9/10 Awesome book, but there was one flaw: Bluestar had too many problems. With Tigerstar’s treachery, thinking every cat was a traitor, that StarClan has abandoned them, blah blah blah. It was too many problems in my opinion.
The Darkest Hour: 9/10 Yes, an almost flawless book. Except that Firestar loses his first life in it. He was made leader shortly before! Whaaat?

The New Prophecy – 9.5/10
Midnight: 9/10 Yes, overall great book. But does anyone realize that it’s just a little bit quick to start? Like the problem comes right away to the living cats. I, personally, don’t like that. It doesn’t give you time to just settle down into what the normal life was before!
Moonrise: 9/10 Great! They meet the Tribe. But, something that is not at all a twist and was very obvious to me happened: the Tribe took them prisoner. It wasn’t a good twist, because it was very likely to happen. Something more bigger and less obvious could have happened instead.
Dawn: 9.5/10 Great book! I loved it, one of the best so far! But things happened too quickly again. Not as much, though, so that was better!
Starlight: 9.5/10 Pretty good! They find the lake blah blah blah yet some things that happened in the previous books were still ongoing so some problems were solved to slowly.
Twilight: 9.5/10 Great book! More Clan hostility… that seems like everything that happens in the books these days. We need something UNPREDICTABLE, people. UNPREDICTABLE!!!
Sunset: 9.5 Yay, awesome book! The ending came at last… But it is SOO obvious that Hawkfrost was the villain—very predictable! And his death was just too quick. His bad side was shown and then gone too quickly. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO QUICK HERE?!?!

Power of Three: 8/10
The Sight: 8/10 Yes, great book! But they were WAY to slow to mention Jaykit/paw/feather’s blindness. And explaining things was a little on the “meh” side…
Dark River: 8/10 AMAZING book. But here’s the bad side to it: every main character had some problem going on, and some were just things that didn’t really matter too much!
Outcast: 8/10 Great book! But things just seemed to come and go, like things that don’t really matter, because they DIDN’T.
Eclipse: Yay, awesome book. But this flaw was so obvious to me: the sun disappearing was fussed over too much, when all it did was stop a battle. I know it’s big, but it happened at the end, so I don’t get why it was so important.
Long Shadows: 7/10 Pretty good. But I got REALLY bored by it…and the main problem was focused on Sol and ShadowClan, so the big things in the previous books were completely forgotten.
Sunrise: 8/10 Yes, awesome. It was really good! But again, everything was over too quickly. And stuff just was overcrowded.

That’s all! Thank you for reading this article, and you can post your opinions in the comments if you want! 😀 I’ll see you around BlogClan, and may StarClan light your path!

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