[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]

HE CAN’T BE TRUSTED; A Graeystripe article by Creationpaw and Shellpaw

Creationpaw and Shellpaw discuss Graystripe.

[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]
Art by Vialir
[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]


CREATIONPAW: Hello, dearest BlogClan! I’ve come to show you why Graeystripe CANNOT be trusted.
SHELLPAW: Hello, BlogClan users.
CREATIONPAW: I brought Shellpaw along for this absolute ROLLER COASTER of an article.
SHELLPAW: This is my first article, along with CreationPaw’s help. I hope I don’t turn this into a dumpster fire.
CREATIONPAW: Don’t worry! You’ve already made this article better by being here. ONTO OUR INTRODUCTION!

GRAEYSTRIPE: HIS ✨beautiful✨(/sarcasm) START!

CREATIONPAW: This, is when he was decent, a fresh, newly apprenticed nugget of joy.
SHELLPAW: Well, that indeed went haywire.
CREATIONPAW: But where did it go south is what we’re pinpointing today!
SHELLPAW: When he first met Rusty, (At the time.) he was incredibly adventurous and curious. Their first meeting was chaotic, to say the least…
CREATIONPAW: He was about to get the flamethrower, the encounter was so amazingly comedic!
SHELLPAW: Graeypaw treated our protagonist like he was a disgrace. Going on about the kittypets’ lives and how lazy and useless they were.
CREATIONPAW: However, Graeypaw simply brushed it aside when Rusty became Firepaw and joined ThunderClan as if that never happened.
SHELLPAW: A jerk move, if I say so myself.
CREATIONPAW: He’s… a roller coaster, just like this article.
SHELLPAW: In their apprentice-hood, they were best friends. They were always seemingly together.
CREATIONPAW: However, this may have been Firepaw depending on Graeypaw. Graeypaw was in a position of power over Firepaw, with him being a former kittypet, requiring guidance in the Clan ways.
SHELLPAW: During this time, Graeypaw formed his possibly evil plan; To manipulate Firepaw into keeping his every secret.
CREATIONPAW: And, he barely stands up for Ravenpaw, when he is being threatened by Tigerclaw.
SHELLPAW: Firepaw repeatedly told Graeypaw about the whole Tigerclaw scenario. His response was simple, “You’re wrong.” in paraphrasing terms. With Ravenpaw’s growing anxiety and apprehension, it seemed complicated not to believe.
CREATIONPAW: Wow… Before we started writing this I barely realized Graeypaw was like this!
SHELLPAW: This situation made Firepaw weary, for he showed contempt.
CREATIONPAW: And then, he helped Ravenpaw escape. This may show he was also trying to make Ravenpaw feel he owed Graeypaw.
SHELLPAW: It was as if any time another cat showed small hatred or suspicion against him, he switched sides.
CREATIONPAW: The slightest sign of distrust made Graeypaw weary, and he immediately switched sides, acting like he was helping again.


SHELLPAW: When the first book finished, everything seemed fine once Ravenpaw had escaped. As well as saving Frostfur’s kits. Firepaw and Graeypaw became warriors, bearing their new names; Fireheart and Graeystripe.
CREATIONPAW: Then, we cannot forget Fireheart being sent to retrieve WindClan with Graeystripe. He barely helped, and Fireheart did most of the work. Yet, his coming gave him some credit.
SHELLPAW: After Fireheart and Graystripe wandered through Riverclan territory to get back home quicker(really, longer, most likely because Graeystripe wanted to selfishly see Silverstream), Leopardfur caught them mid-travels. Hence, a fight began. Since Leopardfur was leading a patrol, a majority of cats were with her, including Silverstream.
CREATIONPAW: Whiteclaw was also there. The kit Leopardfur trained into becoming a warrior after his(and her)mentor died in a clash between ThunderClan and RiverClan for Sunningrocks. Whiteclaw’s mother, Sunfish, died after the battle from infected wounds, and Leopardfur essentially became Whiteclaw’s mother. In this battle, Whiteclaw rolls off the gorge in the skirmish, with who at his side? Graeystripe. Our manipulative little brat. Leopardfur desperately calls out for her semi-adopted kit and apprentice. After this, Graeystripe seems to show a small amount of remorse, yet not calling Whiteclaw by name in this, a sign of lying.
SHELLPAW: After this predicament, not only was Riverclan mad at Thunderclan as a whole— but Graeystripe (Though feeling bad about Whiteclaw.) secretly ran off to another cat. And who else could that be, but his she-cat crush; Silverstream.
CREATIONPAW: And, he abandons Brackenpaw, his responsibility to train him as a mentor is ignored, and Graeystripe keeps sneaking off to RiverClan to see his pretty little princess(who’s AWESOME, just so you know) so much she starts expecting kits!
SHELLPAW: To recap the beginning of Graeystripe and Silverstream’s meetings, there was a day while Fireheart and Graeystripe were out hunting, Graeystripe decidedly fell into a river, almost ending his life. But with the help of a Riverclan cat, he was saved. After that situation, Graeystripe instantly fell for the cat and went to visit her constantly. Through the moons that Graeystripe kept this secret, Fireheart found out while following his friend’s scent. He was already anxious that Graeystripe was sneaking off, but found him talking to a cat of another clan, Silverstream. Graeystripe was betraying his clan by breaking the warrior code! While reading Forest of Secrets, a paragraph popped out to me. Showing Firehearts pain of seeing his friend betraying the clan, but needing to keep his secret. The quote was, “There was no sign of Graystripe, Fireheart noticed, and his bedding was cold, as if he had been out since dawn. Gone to meet Silverstream, he guessed. He tried to understand his friend’s strength of feeling, but he couldn’t help worrying, and longing for the old uncomplicated days when they were apprentices together.” (Hunter. Pg. 90. Ch. 8 Fire and Ice). Though this was only one of the hundreds of examples, I really felt something here.
CREATIONPAW: This ended with tragedy and unintentional breakup, as Silverstream dies while bearing his kits. The kits survive, but she suffers too much blood loss to be saved. He buries her at Sunningrocks after holding a private vigil, with Fireheart, not allowing her Clan and FATHER to mourn properly. After the burial, almost a day afterward, Fireheart tells Mistyfoot about Silverstream, her cousin. She is heartbroken, wondering where she’d been SINCE SHE DISAPPEARED.
CREATIONPAW: And it just goes on, and on with his manipulation. He soon leaves ThunderClan after Leopardfur’s rampaging sorrow, CAUSED BY GRAEYSTRIPE, to be with his kits. And… this doesn’t work out too well.
SHELLPAW: It works out terribly.
CREATIONPAW: Yes. Yes, it’s absolutely horrific. He refuses to attack the one in his debt and gets exiled from RiverClan, joining ThunderClan again. Then he became deputy for some reason? Firestar, whaaaaaat were you thinking? Right— Right the manipulation by Graeystripe. Got it. Let’s move on to the next topic, more about some good and some bad things that happened to him.


CREATIONPAW: He gets freaking kidnapped by twolegs, and becomes a kittypet –NOT SO SUBTLE HINT ABOUT LOOKING UPWARD– with the need to escape… AS HE WAS DEPUTY. Blah blah blah, big fight, loses, “Oh no I’m getting soft kittypets suck,”(paraphrasing) meet Millie, “Oh you look like my illegal dead wifey let’s go to ThunderClan together and get legally married because yes also wanna have kits?” (Paraphrasing again). WHOOOO BOI I’M GETTING NERVOUS THIS IS GONNA GET CUT OFF, so, they crash the gathering in the third arc, expecting Firestar was gonna be all like, “Oh wowie my bestie I didn’t appoint anybody in your stead so here have your position back even though you were gone for moons,” and Graeystripe was pretty jealous (probably), because how dare his bestie baddie appoint a new deputy? But he was all nervous about asking for his position back because Brambleclaw was a much better candidate than he was so he didn’t ask for it back. Yeah.
CREATIONPAW: Yes, me again, but he’s dumb. Like– what? What were you even thinking, Graeystripe? Shelly, anything to say, defending or condemning?
SHELLPAW: Graeystripe sucks.
CREATIONPAW: Yeah, that’s the vague answer! I hope you enjoyed my part, BlogClan!
SHELLPAW: I feel we made some good points during this, and I hope y’all liked mine, BlogClan!



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