[Cinderpelt sitting down with herbs in her mouth]

The Saddest Warriors Death So Far (In My Opinion) by Wishpaw

Wishpaw lists the saddest deaths in the series.

[Cinderpelt sitting down with herbs in her mouth]
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[Cinderpelt sitting down with herbs in her mouth]

Hi again, BlogClan! I am Wishpaw/river, and I was formerly Wishpaw/song. Today I am writing about some of the saddest deaths in the Warriors books so far (in my opinion). Of course, I might miss some cats,so don’t be mad if I do. And also there could be spoilers for the book (just warning you). Alright, let us get started with this thing already! (Also the numbers are just random, no order here).

1 – Cinderpelt. Her death was so sad. She gave up her life to protect Sorreltail (I think) while she was giving birth. I swear I cried when she died. 😭 I wish she could have lived!! At least she is also Cinderheart though!

2 – Bristlefrost. I cried for 10 minutes straight when she died. She gave up her life by killing Ashfur, and some of her final thoughts were filled with love. WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?!?! 😭And she and Rootspring would have been together…

3 – Yellowfang. Don’t judge, but Yellowfang is one of my favorite characters. When she died because of the fire, I was soooo sad, and, yet again, I cried. WHY ALL THE DEATH?!?! Yellowfang didn’t deserve to die, in my opinion though. I mean, she was never some great cat in the series, but whatever. Her death was so sad. 😭

4 – Feathertail. She died saving Crowpaw (or Crowfeather) as well as the Tribe of Rushing Water cats, and Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Tawnypelt, and Stormfur from Sharptooth. She was one of my favorite characters… 😭

5 – Stonefur. I cannot forget about how Stonefur died to save Featherkit (or Feathertail) and Stormkit (or Stormfur). (I think Feathertail and Stormfur were kits or ‘paws then). Stormfur died because he refused to kill them, which is such a noble thing to do. His death was so sad. 😭

6 – Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw died while trying to fight off a dog (well, dogs). His death was brave and courageous, as well as, yes, stubborn. That apprentice was brave and therefore had a really sad death in my opinion.

7 – Honeyfern. Honeyfern was a kind and caring character, and her death was sooo sad, I cried again. 😭 She didn’t deserve to die, but neither did Briarkit (if I am correct). Her death was a brave one, and I will always respect her for that. I want to kill the snake that killed her. WHERE IS IT?!?!

That’s all! Thank you for reading about what I thought were some really sad deaths. I hope you cried…(what? No, I didn’t say anything…😛). Anyway, I hope you enjoy every moment you have on BlogClan, and you can post your opinions in the comments! Good bye, and may StarClan light your path! 😀

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  • To me the saddest death was Bluestars death. Falling off the gorge, sacrificing herself for Firestar. She should have lived longer, like at least until the battle like maybe killed by scourg or smth like that, but Firestar kills scourge without losing a life.

    • Firestar does lose a life while killing scourge, his first.

      Bluestar dies a noble death, befitting a warrior leader. She regains her sanity and recognizes that her clan is worth sacrificing herself for (which is what the warriors oath demands).

  • ok dont judge me but….. purdy

    i was so attached to purdy ok! literally he tried his best to help the cats though twoleg place and saved them was ready to fight foxes and stuff for them cats he barely knew and how he saved them from a dog,cared for mousetail, he was great with stories for the kits and ‘paws and during the great storm he made sure the ‘Paws stayed out of trouble even while he was dying he told alderheart he would be a fine medicine cat.

    the fact he died while trying to stop berrynose and tigerheart from fighting was sad enough but then how upset alderheart was he was alderhearts first patient to die im pretty sure he wont forget that.

    i may or may not have cryed and thew the book when i read that dont judge me ;-;

  • For me, the saddest death was Gray Wing. I don’t usually cry when I read something sad, but I came close during Gray Wing’s death.

  • Great article! All these deaths are so sad! Especially Honeyferns, she is my favourite warrior cat of all time and I cried so much when she died and I reread her death recently and cried again. Why did she have to die 😭😭😭😭

    • Me too! I have been rereading everything! I thing one of the saddest deaths were Bluestar, and Hollyleaf, most of all Hollyleaf because she was never one of the three, even though she wanted to be, and even more sadness and confusion came into her life when Leafpool and Crowfeather’s affair came to surface, and then Ashfur finds out, she kills him, announces everything at a gathering, disappeared down the tunnel, a few moons later years she re surfaces and fights and then she just dies. Period.

  • The only death I cried for was Bristlefrost. The Erins really dragged that one out before wiping her off the surface of the Earth😛 She was so sweet and cared so much about her Clanmates… and stuck like a burr to the Warrior Code…

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