[Jayfeather and Half Moon embrace at twilight]

My Favorite Ships by Solarpaw

Solarpaw lists their favourite ships.

[Jayfeather and Half Moon embrace at twilight]
Art by DarkTale (Twitter: @_darktale_)
[Jayfeather and Half Moon embrace at twilight]

Hello! It’s Solarpaw/flare, epic Team Foster-Keefe fan, ready to evaluate some ships that I think are my favorites from the warriors series. Here we go. [Spoilers for Power Of Three and after, Ravenpaw’s Farewell, and Ravenpaw’s Path manga].

Canon Ships (1 being my favorite).
Unfortunately, my favorite ship isn’t canon – but that’s okay! I love this one almost as much.
Jayfeather x Half Moon
It’s been awhile since I’ve read the story, but from what I can recall the two were great friends, which is a good setup for a relationship. Jayfeather, our grouchy medicine cat who tends to get on everyone’s nerves (including mine) clearly cared for Half Moon when he got to know her. He was heartbroken when he realized there would be no real Jay’s Wing to accompany Half Moon on her journey to the mountains. The two of them have real chemistry, and I can totally see them as mates. They balance out each other, definitely.

Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves
Most people hate Hollyleaf, which I totally understand after all the crappy things she did – I was pretty annoyed by the “I’m gonna make my actual mother eat deathberries! That’s a good idea!” Yeah. No. But I think after meeting Fallen Leaves she began to realize the error in her ways, and how much she missed ThunderClan. She was able to overlook her anger and that she was half-clan and return. And even if it made Fallen Leaves – the cat who saved Hollyleaf’s life – sad, he learned after a while that it was what she wanted, and vowed to see her in the afterlife and be her mate if she died. I never thought Hollyleaf would get to be with someone so unique as Fallen Leaves, and I feel really grateful that a cat I loved in early books got to redeem herself by saving Ivypool and got to enjoy true happiness with a cat she loved, after death.

Ivypool x Fernsong
There isn’t much I know about this one, I’ve read all the books but it was a while ago, but what I do know is I absolutely love Fernsong, and I feel like he can calm Ivypool down when she’s angry about something. The two of them seem to balance each other like fire and water, and Fernsong is such a great father he even said he’d stay in the nursery and care for Ivypool’s kits so she could do warrior duties!! So sweet.

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