[a blushing Sandstorm and Firestar hold paws]

Rating ships by Cedarwhisper

Cedarwhisper rates some ships from the series.

[a blushing Sandstorm and Firestar hold paws]
Art by wolvescatsandcrows
[a blushing Sandstorm and Firestar hold paws]

Hello guys! Today I will be rating warriors ships! Anyways let’s start! (this is my first article)

RavenxBarely 10/10

yes! I love this ship! Ravenpaw I feel like has a 20 percent romantic relationship, 70 percent platonic like, and 10 percent father and son. These two toms are the best! 10/10 for sure!

GrayxSilver 8/10

I like this ship! They were willing to give up everything to be together! Graystripe would go to RiverClan to be with her. The way Bluestar feels sympathy for him after Silver dies is cute. I would give this ship an 8/10 because silver is a bit bratty, but other than that, great ship!

FirexSand 10/10

they are perfect together! I love sandstorm, I can relate to her. She has her reasons to hate Firestar, but also has her reasons to love him. I love how this comes from a rivalry-of-calling-Firestar-a-Kitty-pet to mates! 10/10 forever!!!

CrowxFeather 10/10

I love this ship. Crow feather would give up anything for Feathertail, and Feathertail would give anything for Crowfeather. Her death was so sad, Crowfeather even named himself after her! How is that not true love! That was not a teenage crush! 10/10!

CinderxFire 3/10

what… this is just Cinderpelts maybe teenage crush… Firestar was her mentor. What-

BrackenxSorrel 6/10 I love this ship! Sorrel is so cute with Bracken! This ship has a lot of development, but we need to see more of it. That’s why we need a Sorreltail or Brakenfur SE! BlogClan mods! Tell Kate to make one! But This ship needs a lot more scenes to be the best, so 4 star deduction. That’s a huge impact on the ship rating. Very nice and overall, 6/10!

FirexSpotted 3.5/10

So a lot of people dislike this ship. I can understand why. The age gap is gross! Also Spottedleaf is a good character, but also a stalker! I feel like the Erin’s just needed some cat to be a goddess in the series, so the put in Spottedleaf. I don’t think this is a ship, more like Firepaws teenage crush. So a 3.5/10

well that’s all for today! Bye! cedar out!

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  • great article! Though I disagree with Raven/Barley, Fire/Sand, and Crow/Feather, but that’s just imo :). I personally would make Fire/Sand an 8.5/10

  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her (A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) Happy Pride Month!!! says:

    Great article!

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