[Ashfur climbs up a tree branch, lit by the sun]

What would an Ashfur Novella or Super Edition look like? by Bunnyfreckle

Bunnyfreckle wonders what could be put in a Super Edition about Ashfur.

[Ashfur climbs up a tree branch, lit by the sun]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Ashfur climbs up a tree branch, lit by the sun]

*Spoilers for TBC*

Hiaya! It’s me, Bunnyfreckle! Today I decided to make an article about what an Ashfur novella or Super Edition would look like. What we know about Ashfur is that 1. He’s obsessed with Squirrelfight. 2. He possessed Bramblestar 3. His mother was killed by dogs via Tigerstar (Maybe thats another reason of his to hate of Bramblestar/claw…) and 4. He was able to take over the Dark Forest. Anyways, what would an Ashfur Novella/Super Edition look like? Okey-Dokey! Let’s begin! 🙂
Beginning chapters- I think the book may start with Ashfur’s kithood and apprenticeship, most things seem normal, he has a loving relationship with his parents, especially his mother Brindleface, and he has a good relationship with Fernpaw, his sister. But then Tigerstar leads dogs into Thunderclan territory and kills Brindleface. Young Ashpaw is left grieving. Afterward, the book may showcase the battle with the dogs and the battle with BloodClan. Ashpaw and Fernpaw receive their warrior names.
TNP era- Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw disappear. Ashfur may not think twice about it, other than what he and his other clanmates worry about. Are they dead? Will they die? The forest gets torn down, and Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw, along with the others, come back. Ashfur begins to see something in Squirrelpaw. (Side note: What if the Erins give Ashfur a first lover but something happens to them, and Ashfur falls in love with Squirrelflight after his first heartbreak? That’d be cool!) He ends up falling for Squirrelpaw. They travel to the new territories and he becomes good friends with her. She proceeds to break his heart later. But he’s not over her just yet…
PoT era- Ashfur’s anger may bubble up more and more throughout this era, (Especially since Squirrelflight now has kits) until it spills over with the scene in Long Shadows. He finds out about Squirrelflights kits not being hers, and Hollyleaf kills him.
TbC era- Ashfur finds the link to the Dark Forest, he possesses Bramblestar, and ruins the clans. AHHHH!!!! ARGUMENTS LEFT! BATTLES RIGHT! Ashfur destroys things with his hatred. Eventually, it leads to his death. The book may end with his last thoughts. Or an epoluge of the aftermath with the Bristlefrost drama.

Anyways, guys! Thanks for reading! Tell me who I should make an article about, next!

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