[a headshot of Rusty against a starry sky]

If Firestar Didn’t Come to the Forest by Honeypaw

Honeypaw wonders what would and wouldn’t have happened if Firestar never joined the Clans.

[a headshot of Rusty against a starry sky]
Art by Ice
[a headshot of Rusty against a starry sky]

*yes my cool intro*
Hello my lovely BlogClanners! Honeydawn here!
Today, I’ll be stating what would have happened if Firestar didn’t choose to come to the forest. First, please don’t hate on me for this! I know some of you may hate Firestar, but that’s just an opinon. These are FACTS! I, personally, don’t like him much either, but anyway let’s get started…
So, what would have happened if Firestar didn’t choose to come to the forest?
Well, a lot of things, of course. Let’s start at the beginning! If Firestar hadn’t found Yellowfang, she would have died of starvation. Cinderpelt also wouldn’t have been hit by a monster, she would be a warrior and there would be no medicine cat after Spottedleaf died. Tigerstar probably would have also killed Ravenpaw, if Firestar wasn’t there to take him to the barn to hide, and also Ravenpaw would have never met Barely. Firestar and Graystripe would not have brought WindClan home, and they would possibly have starved to death, so that’s one Clan, gone! Nother issue, if Cinderpelt wasn’t medicine cat, she wouldn’t have helped Littlecloud, so all of ShadowClan would have died of sickness, with little survivors. Another Clan, gone! There’s a small chance Firestar would have found Princess, but Cloudtail wouldn’t be part of ThunderClan, and become mates with Brightheart, which means no Whitewing, Ivypool, Dovewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, or Snowbush! Firestar and Graystripe also, wouldn’t have fed RiverClan, and they, possibly would have starved to death or drowned in the flood. So, yet, another Clan, gone. Another ship most of us support wouldn’t exist… GrayXSilver! Graystripe wouldn’t have been mates with Graystripe, which also means that Silverstream wouldn’t have died giving birth to Feathertail and Stormfur. Oh no, that means no StormXBrook! Again, no Pine, Lark, Feather, or Breeze! Sandstorm would probably become mates with Dustpelt. Which means no Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Birchfall, Lionblaze, Jayfeather or Hollyleaf! Tigerstar wouldn’t have been exiled and would have never found Sasha! Another ship, gone! No Hawkfrost or Mothwing, which also means RiverClan wouldn’t have a medicine cat after Mudfur died. Next, we all know Tigerstar would have killed Bluestar and become leader of ThunderClan. So, now we’re down to the only Clan, ThunderClan. Brokentail would also have his eyesight and still be alive, and most likely helping Tigerstar. He still would be exiled, but he would have his rogues with him, Russetfur, Blackfoot, and Boulder! The battle with BloodClan wouldn’t have occured, which means Whitestorm, Scourge, and Bone would still be alive. So, a lot of cats we all love would be dead, and cats we hate would still be alive. TigerClan would become a thing, except with ShadowClan, with no one to stop it. In the end, I may be wrong, but Tigerstar would have killed pretty much half of ThunderClan. So, we are lucky to have had Firestar! Some of you may say that he thought he was the “god” of all Clans, but no he didn’t! He did what he thought was best, and all of the Clans would be destroyed if he didn’t come to the forest! He’s definitely not my favorite character, but he is a kind, loving and loyal leader at heart.
That’s all I got today, bye! <3

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