[Half Moon against a starry sky and a half moon]

Why I hate Jayfeather x Half Moon by Eaglepaw

Eaglepaw shares their opinion on Jayfeather and Half Moon.

[Half Moon against a starry sky and a half moon]
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[Half Moon against a starry sky and a half moon]

In Omen of the Stars, there are several key moments where Jayfeather visits “The Ancients”, and one of the things that I hate the most about this is the fact that Jayfeather falls in love with Half Moon.
First of all, Jayfeather doesn’t even know Half Moon, and vice versa. He meets her, spends literally two days with her and falls in love. In the real world, he’s super grumpy and absolutely has no interest for his Clanmates, whom he knows the best. In the Ancient times, he changed completely. He suddenly has this unexplainable pull to Half Moon, and they fall in love.
This makes me sick.
Soon, they have a vote on whether or not to go to the mountains. A ton of cats say yes, because they had a ritual that resulted in death for most cats.They all agree that they must go up the mountain because majority rules, right? Half Moon starts sidling up to Jay’s Wing now, and then they make preparations to leave.
Then, Jayfeather goes back to the present. He then spends most of his time being a grumpy cat.
Then, on his second visit, they trek up a mountain. They thought that Jayfeather, or Jay’s Wing, had just left them and had absolutely zero suspicion after Jayfeather said that he was… scared. Everyone suddenly understands. A ton of cats who decided to go start complaining that the air is ten degrees lower than usual, and then they find a cave with a waterfall at the entrance and decide that this is a good place for a home immediately after Half Moon looks at a puddle and receives a message from to-be StarClan to stay. Half Moon is appointed Stoneteller, and suddenly wants kits with Jay’s Wing. Jayfeather breaks the news to her by telling her that she is not allowed to have kits. Half Moon kind of gets angry and storms off, but apparently she is waiting for him in StarClan. I actually can’t think of anything more sappy.
In the Great Battle, Half Moon specifically wants to protect Jayfeather out of her love for him. They love each other that much. Half Moon doesn’t fight near Jayfeather much, but she is still happy for the Clans…or she’s happy because Jayfeather is safe.
What do you think about this ship?
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  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her (A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) Happy Pride Month!!! says:

    Great article! But I disagree. Even though I am a hardcore JayXStick shipper, I still like this ship!

  • Agreed! I don’t think Jayfeather should end up with anyone. I’m happy with him sticking solely to platonic relationships. I do think that he might have been influenced by the fact that he was in another, existing cat’s body when he went back in time: I would have loved for there to be a clear separation, where Jayfeather is struggling to stay on task in Jay’s Wing’s body, even as Jay’s Wing is falling for Half Moon. Maybe he would have come out of it missing Half Moon’s company, but I’m staunchly against him falling in love with her.
    On a more personal note, as a kid who didn’t know they were aromantic yet, watching nearly every cat in warriors get paired off was pretty disheartening — Jayfeather was one of my absolute favorites, so seeing him disinterested in romace was awesome! I was really disappointed when he “fell” for Half Moon. It felt like the most contrived relationship in history: like, the authors will stop at NOTHING to get this guy a girlfriend! They’ll even send him back in time when he shows no interest in anyone in his own time! It’s kinda funny to think about!
    Apart from that, though, I think it goes against his character. I always saw him as needing significantly more time than a couple days to get to know someone to the level of being friends, let alone romantic partners!

  • So, I like Jayfather and halfmoon, and I think is not wrong but Jayfather and Jaywing are one!
    But I like Briarlight and Jayfather too, so I’m very confuse!

    But I think I prefer JayHalf

  • The thing is Jayfeather knew he couldn’t be interested in any of his ClanMates or it would end badly.
    Plus even though he didn’t know HalfMoon she knew him and they had probably like each other for ages.

    Jaymoon is an okay ship
    Jaybriar is wayyyy better

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