[a design of Daisy laying down from the front]

My Top 10 Favourite Character by Lilypaw

Lilypaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

[a design of Daisy laying down from the front]
Art by Murder Cats Designs (tumblr)
[a design of Daisy laying down from the front]

Hiii! My name is Lils, also known as Lilypaw or Lilyglow. Today is my first article and I am super excited :DDD I’m going to be discussing my favourite characters!

10. Whitestorm

Whitestorm is so freaking underrated. He is very kind and wise. I love Bluestar’s Prophecy just because I get to see Whitestorm! He is very brave and loyal and a wonderful deputy! His death was so sad 😭 Whitestorm has always been a steady and reliable cat that deserves more credit for a lifetime of service! Bluestar should have made HIM deputy after Lionheart instead of Tigerclaw. 🙁

9. Oakheart

He is so kind and awesome! He supported Crookedstar endlessly and is so loyal and romantic! I totally ship him with Greypool – he is to good for Bluestar. Oakheart is so overrated :((

8. Honeyfern

HONEYFERN IS SOOO UNDERRATED!!! I love her so much <3 She is so kind and sweet! Her crush on Berrynose was so touching and Honeypaw trying to make Lionblaze feel better is so cute! LionXHoney is really cute to me, I love it <3

7. Cinderheart

Cinderheart has so much energy and kindness and fghkthurogvuqf she is such a lovely friend! i love Cinderheart so much <3

6. Silverstream

i love Silverstream! She’s so interesting and kind and like the first heroine in the story 😀 She’s wonderfulll

5. Jessy

#1 kittypet ever! Bramblestar’s Storm is one of my favourite super editions because of Jessy! She is so kind, like not wanting Bramblestar to hurt the mother bird when they were hunting. She is a natural born leader and just so freaking sweet and amazing <3 I’m going to write an article on how much I love her 🥰

4. Thrushpelt

Thrushpelt is so kind! He was always there for Bluestar and she never even said “Thank You!” I hate bluestar :((( Thrushpelt deserves so much better. I LUV HIM SO MUCH

3. Lightning Tail

Dawn of the Clans is my fav arc and Lightning Tail is the best character! He is so loyal and kind and wayyy more interesting than Thunder!
Thunder is so boring and Lightning Tail is amazing and ffgyfegqi;hh

2. Brackenfur

I LOVE BRACKENFUR! He is such a kind, sweet and gentle tom <333 I love his relationship with Sorreltail! I fell in love with Brackenfur since i saw him as a young ‘paw. <3

1. Daisy

My all-time fav character! She is so kind and has so much character development! How can you not love her?? She is so gentle and a wonderful mother!

Thanks! Sorry this probably sucked. Byeee!

– Lils ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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