[a design of Goldenflower sitting]

Looking at minor characters in the Warriors series by Polarpaw

Polarpaw takes a look at some of the background characters in the series.

[a design of Goldenflower sitting]
Art by marymsjay-warriors-art (tumblr)
[a design of Goldenflower sitting]

Hi hi hi!!! IT IS I, POLAR. And today I will be looking at minor backround characters in the warriors series! Lets jump in/

Alrightttt so first off:
Ferncloud is a gentle, mottled gray she cat with green eyes. She was born as Fernkit to Brindleface with her siblings, Ashkit,Elderkit and Tulipkit. Tulipkit and Elderkit died young. Ferncloud has suffered a lot of losses for a cat. First, her father dies in a abtlle against the rouges, then her mother gets killed by Tigerclaw/star! She must have been in a lot of suffering, but put it aside for her clan. After all, she did chase the dogs off. Ferncloud earned her warrior name and had Dustpelts kits. She decided to stay permanently in the nursery to help care for and help raise other queens kits. Many people overlook her because of ths fact, but the truth is, without kits, there is no clan. So Ferncloud plays a very important role in the life of a Clan. people laugh at the fact that she had a lot of kits with Dustpelt but, like, I know people with LOTs more kids than her sooo…. And plus, like, more than half of her litter died in a short period of time, but again, she sets her greif aside to care for Birchlight. She constantly sets aside her own greif and doubt for the sake of her Clan and kin. That is something not every warrior does. There are a lot of cats in the warriors series, but I think Ferncloud is one of the gentlest of them all.
Goldenflower is a soft pale ginger she cat. She was born as Goldenkit to Speckletail and Smallear alongside her brother, Lionkit. We really don’t see much of Goldenflower in the arcs, but she is VITAL to her clan. Without her, Bramblestar and Tawnypelt would never had been born. And if Bramblestar had never been born, then Alderheart wouldn’t have existed. If Alderheart wouldn’t have existed, there would’ve been no future medicine cat to replace Jayfeather when he died. Without Tawnypelt, Tigerheart/star wouldn’t have been born (Which IG is ok) But wihtout Tigerheart/star, Shadowsight, Lightleap and Pouncestep wouldn’t have been born (I couldn’t have cared less if LIghtleap had never been born :P) But Shadowsight is CRUCIAL to the broken code series! So there, Goldenflower is important.

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