[a realistic and genetically accurate design of Firestar]

If Warriors was genetically accurate Part 1 by Skyshimmer

Skyshimmer breaks down the designs of some characters in the series if they were genetically accurate.

[a realistic and genetically accurate design of Firestar]
Art by slugswarriorsdesigns
[a realistic and genetically accurate design of Firestar]

Hey guys! Skypaw here and today I’m going to talk about what Warrior cats would look like if they were genetically accurate. I will be starting with Scourge’s family. I won’t be doing eye colors because that would get way too long. Hope you enjoy! (Keep in mind that I am terrible at drawing and will be using text instead so it might be confusing)

Crystal is at the top of the family tree, so she gets to keep her canon design of a ginger and white tabby she-cat.

Crystal’s son, Jake, gets his ginger tabby color from her. I won’t be doing his littermates Ferris and Whiskers because I don’t know what color they are.

Jake mates with Quince first, and she gets to keep her canon design as well. Quince is a she-cat with a gray pelt. Now for her children.

Scourge is a black Tom with one white paw. He can stay black, but he can’t get white from either of his parents so he is the same as canon but without any white.
Now for Socks. He is a black Tom with white muzzle, paws, chest and tail-tip. Like his brother, Socks can’t get white from his parents which means he is a black cat..
Ruby is a pale gray she-cat. She gets the pale gray from her mother which means she is the same as in canon.

Next, Jake mates with Nutmeg, who keeps her design of a brown and white she-cat. Now for her children.
Firestar is definitely not flame Colored. Toms have to get ginger from their mother, which means he cannot be ginger. Instead, he has to be a brown cat.
Princess is canonically a light brown tabby with white chest and paws. She can keep her design because she gets her brown and white colouring from her mother.
Next I’ll do Luna. Luna is described as a brown and ginger she cat. She is actually a tortoiseshell, because she gets black/brown from her mom and ginger from her dad, but her color is pretty much the same.
Filou is a light ginger tabby, but as I said before, he cannot get the ginger gene from his mother, which means he isn’t light ginger. Instead, he would probably be a shade of brown.
Next, I’ll do Tommy, the last sibling. He is canonically described as being brown and white, which as I said before for Princess, is totally possible. He stays the same.

Firestar mates with Sandstorm, and I’ll let her have her canon design since I’m too lazy to look up her whole family tree. As we all know, Sandstorm is a light ginger tabby.

I’ll start with Squirrelflight. She is described as a dark ginger tabby with one white paw but she cannot get white from her parents. Instead, she is a tortoiseshell like Luna, getting brown/black from her dad and ginger from her mom.

Now for Leafpool. She is canonically a light brown tabby. She would be a light ginger and brown she-cat, getting brown from Firestar and Light ginger from Sandstorm.

I won’t do their kits right now, since I would have to look up Crowfeather and Bramblestar’s entire family trees and I’m past 500 words. Hope you enjoyed and look out for a part 2! Skypaw, out!

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