[designs of Moth Flight and Micah looking at each other]

Summing up my Warrior Cats Ship Tier List Results In A Few Sentences(Part ⅕) by Shroomwound

Shroomwound sorts some ships from the series and fandom into different tiers.

[designs of Moth Flight and Micah looking at each other]
Art by Zorri (medibang)
[designs of Moth Flight and Micah looking at each other]

Hello, hi BlogClan! My name is Shroomwound and it’s been a minute since I’ve had an article out so here I am once again with another article!

☆Before you continue beyond this point, please be aware that there are spoilers for countless numbers of Warrior’s books. I say this out of respect, but please do not start arguments in the comments on why I’m wrong or how I didn’t recognize this or that. I ask all of my readers to please understand that my opinion is my opinion, and yours is yours. Thank you.)☆

Now, I can go more in depth about most of these ships in the comments but I won’t argue with anyone so don’t try to start arguments please- But anyways, my tier list is divided into 5 categories: Love, like, no opinion/neutral, dislike, and hate. Now actually onto the actual few sentences or less part of this article!

Love category:

-PoppyfrostXJayfeather: These two are just all-around adorable and Poppyfrost deserves to be treated right like Jayfeather does and not like stinky Berrystumpytail 🙂 Plus Jayfeather tolerates her children which is so wholesome to me- And he rlly cared about her when she almost died as an apprentice-

-LeafpoolXCody: Leafpool and Cody are ADORABLE. Probably my favorite lesbian warriors ship that there is to be honest- Cody was so comforting when Leafpaw was scared in the monster and everything and even stayed in ThunderClan for a while to help out when the Clan really needed it. It’s quite a shame that she didn’t join but in the same way I’m also glad she didn’t.

-LeopardstarXSasha: This was what got me into the warriors community(animation side) and I love the dynamic between these two. This has been one of my favorites for a very long time and it will stay that way forever <3 Leopardstar had such a soft spot for her and was great with Hawkkit and Mothkit! Love her love her love her!!

-Moth FlightXMicah: I honestly just love how much these two adored each other. Nothing more 🙂 Very wholesome, very good. Entertaining too!

-NeedletailXSleekwhisker: Were-whisker MAP. That’s all that needs to be said.

-BerrynoseXHoneyfern: I honestly thought it was so so so cute how Honeyfern was way head over heels for him and followed him around when she was an apprentice and it creates a good dynamic between the two and tbh I feel like Honeyfern kinda made Berrynose’s character better in some ways.

-IvypoolXBlossomfall: These two are just- YES. They have a strong bond through the bad experiences that the two share and Ivypool shows genuine empathy and concern when Blossomfall vented about feeling terrible about herself because she hated Briarlight for being disabled. I overall prefer this ship for both of them, much rather than IvyXFern and BlossomXThorn.(Bonus that I headcanon Ivypool as a complete masc lesbian)-

-BluestarXRosetail: I cannot express how cute these two would have been. They were so close and it’s not really something you see too often in the warriors universe. Rosetail would ALWAYS be talking about toms to Bluefur and I headcanon that as a way to overexaggerate the thought she was straight but in reality she was headover-heels for Bluefur 🙂

-AlderheartXPuddleshine: I have no explanation for this actually- I mean whats cuter than two cinnabuns in a relationship?

-BluestarXCrookedstar: THESE TWO WERE ADORABLE WHEN THEY WERE APPRENTICES- I genuinely cant with these two istg- *cri*

-CinderpeltXSandstorm: “Girl Crush” animated by sad machine on youtube. Go watch it.

-CinderpeltXLittlecloud: I feel like Littlecloud kinda fell for her so bad after she healed him and Whitethroat and became a medicine cat just to spend more time with her and get closer to her sooooo-

-DaisyXFerncloud: What is better than two stay-at-home cinnabun mothers in it together and collectively taking care of all the children-? N o t h i n g. Convince me otherwise.

-FeatherwhiskerXThrushpelt: I shouldn’t have to explain this-

-AshfurXHawkfrost: Two gay men? What’s better you ask? Two EVIL gay men. What’s even better than that? THEY INTERACT IN CANON. The ultimate gay man ship and my favorite Warriors ship ever.

-WillowshineXHollyleaf: Another ship very similar to BerryXHoney except Hollykit rlly looked up to Willowpaw and I feel that she became a medicine cat apprentice partially because of her seeing Willowpaw as such a big role model for her and it’s just cute-

-JakeXTallstar: I have a love/hate relationship with this ship because I don’t like Jake-BUT- Tallstar had so many chances to move on but his heart “always belonged to his Jake” AND IT’S SO CUTE HELP-

And this brings me to the conclusion of this part of the article! The next part will be over my “like” section of the tier list and that should be out soon! Feel free to share your thoughts about these ships below! I’d love to hear them 🙂 Until next time, Shroom out!
(Also feel free to leave article suggestions in the comments ^^)

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