[Leafpool touches the surface of the Moonpool, which reflects a crescent moon]

Why You Should Like Leafpool by Wishpaw

Wishpaw shares why people should like Leafpool.

[Leafpool touches the surface of the Moonpool, which reflects a crescent moon]
Art by lokidrawz (Twitter)
[Leafpool touches the surface of the Moonpool, which reflects a crescent moon]

Good morning/day/evening! My name is Wishpaw/river (Wish Gliding In A River), formerly Wishpaw/song (Wish Drifting In A Song). Today, I am going to write about Leafpool and why she deserves some sympathy for all the late Power of Three Hollyleafs out there 😛. What I mean, is those people who hate Leafpool. I hope after reading this article, you will like Leafpool more, or even grow to love her like me. Now, enough chit-chat. Let’s get started!

Why do people hate Leafpool so much? Well, I think it is because she lied. She lied to everyone. To Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. To Firestar and the Clans. To every CAT in the Clans. One could even say she lied to the prey! 😛 Anyway, so she lied. Big deal. Everyone found out in the end! And she HAD to lie, in order to help her Clan! But what I also find annoying is that people hate Leafpool for lying, but they don’t really hate Squirrelflight for lying. WHAT?!

Why should you like Leafpool? Because with every step she took, she never stopped caring. One could say that she was a Mary-Sue, and I would NOT agree. But that doesn’t stop me for liking her! She deserves some sympathy. I mean, come on, people! She loved Crowfeather, he loved her, and then she lost him. She lost her kits because she couldn’t take care of them and stay as a medicine cat. She lost everything except her sister, who stuck be her side every step. So don’t you see? Leafpool deserves some sympathy! She’s been through so much. And don’t even get me started on the old forest. She was captured by us (er, Twolegs) and she had to face challenges when she was JUST AN APPRENTICE. You all like cats who are cool, right? Well, Leafpool is cool too! She is so brave, and I think she is very underrated. I mean, at least the Erins gave her a super edition, so I can’t thank them enough for that.

After reading through this, I think I should put a little more thought into the Mary-Sue part. I mean, she had a forbidden love, forbidden kits, and she died bravely! Can someone PLEASE explain to me how she can be a Mary-Sue if all THAT happened to her?!

All right, this has gotten really long, so I’ll stop it! I hope I made you Leafpool haters like her a little, you Leafpool lovers proud, and the people neutral on Leafpool understand her more. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, and I’ll see you around BlogClan! May StarClan light your path!

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