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Elections, Day 3: Third Deputy Hustings

The third day of Deputy hustings! Meet candidates Flakepatch, Falconstorm, and Adderdragon!

(If you’re just tuning in today or aren’t quite sure what hustings entail, check out the first 2023 Elections post here!)

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the third day of Deputy hustings and final day of applications being open. If you want to apply to run for Deputy you can do so here. Applications will be open until 23:59 UTC on July 4th (click here to convert to your local time)!

These past two days we’ve been introduced to some amazing candidates and you have all have provided wonderful questions and support for them! Let’s keep that energy going for our next candidates: Flakepatch, Falconstorm, and Adderdragon!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws? What would you want to add to BlogClan? What changes would you like to make?

I shall now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all! 😀


Goofy, Helpful, Protective

Flakepatch drawn by Skyshimmer. Side-profile of white cat with orange, black, and brown patches and blue eyes. Background is a gradient of yellow, green, and pink.
Drawn by Skypaw/shimmer

I have loved being on the blog for the past year over. All over the blog I am met with happy and welcoming spirits. I may also do that as well but I would love to go further and lift the spirits of new blogfrogs. I mean, I always have jokes to tell(don’t worry, I will find those who are having rough time and tell them a joke to help) and I love helping out others. Even though deputy is a pretty high position I would still act as if I were any other warrior if I were chosen. I wanna make sure new members can always immediately be welcomed with the thought that there will be a friend,(or friends!) waiting for them once they arrive. Maybe i’m not thought to be ready for deputy or i’m still getting used to stuff, but no matter what, I know that whether it be me, or someone else as deputy in the end, new blogfrogs will always be welcomed and see the same things I always saw, Happiness and welcomes.


Friendly, Kindhearted, Helpful

Falconstorm drawn by Eggsnake. Side-profile of a light brown cat with dark brown patches and amber eyes, wearing Super Mario hat. Background is a gradient of yellow, green, and pink.
Drawn by Eggsnake

Well, to put it simply, I want to give back to a community that has given me so much. Since my first comment all those years ago, BlogClan has given me so much, and it would be rather selfish of me to not do something in return. And the deputy position is a role that I firmly believe I can do so in. As I always strive to be as friendly, as welcoming, as helpful as I can possibly be, the position of deputy seems like a natural fit for me. My only desire is that the community can agree with this statement and vote as they see fit.


 Gentle, Easygoing, Thoughtful

Adderdragon drawn by Mintflower. Side-profile of blue-grey cat with blue eyes. Background is a gradient of yellow, green, and pink.
Drawn by Mintpaw/flower

blogclan has been something i’ve known and loved for many years, but it’s been the community that i come back for. community is so important to build a game or website or story and the community of blogclan is one of the best of any of them. it’s full of so many friendly and welcoming people. i aim to grow this community further and help it flourish into not one of, but the best, most helpful, most kind and most honest online community out there!

Amazing job guys! Remember, applications close today at 23:59 UTC.



    • To be completely honest, I could be there more often. I used to go all the time, but when my activity started dwindling I stopped trying to keep up and kinda forgot about it 😛 It’s not a great look for my campaign, but it’s the honest truth.

      As for the problems, the reasonable approach would be to a) analyse the situation, b) calm down the members of all parties, c) suggest a solution (or multiple), and d) enforce the solution. Of course, doing all of this in a calm, collected manner really helps.

    • Hatchet the Jokeinator making up the chaotic storm everyone loves. Bunny that jumps over Hatchet into patch of flakes(Flakepatch, mentor of AMAZING Ghostpaw!) says:

      I would normally be active more but im getting back to it after my blogbreak. I would probably find out whats hoings on by looking at both sides of the problem first then address it by calming everyone down and asking them to fully make sure I understand and make a compromise to suit all sides.

    • thank you very much!
      1. before i took a big break from the blog, i used to comment there all the time. i haven’t had the time to comment there yet 😆 i’ll probably go do that now lol
      2. first of all i’d look to see what was wrong. then i’d try to calm everyone down before coming up with a solution.

  • ☀️🐝 Honeydawn || she/her || “I don’t believe Him, I know Him” || Honi, Honey Bee, Dawnie || <3 ✝️ says:

    Good luck, you’re all amazing!!

  • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Mentor to the amazing Sandbreeze! <33 | I'm a SW! And now I'm running for deputy :P says:

    Good luck you guys!!! You would all be awesome!

    What’s your favorite page on the blog and why?
    What was your inspiration for running for deputy?

    • thank you! good luck to you too!
      1. i agree again with captain. the tavern is where it happens, and you can basically talk about anything, anytime, anywhere! i also enjoy the discussion pages, because they give you a chance to really connect with people that share the same interests as you. i think those are the two pages i most commonly visit.
      2. i ran in the last elections simply because i thought it would be cool and fun. i’ve grown and changed now and have more of a purpose for running for deputy: helping make the blog a better place!

  • Best of luck to you! You’re awesome 😀

    How has your time in Blogclan affected you?
    What do you feel makes you stand out of all the others running for deputy?

    • thank you very much!
      1. before the blog, i knew very little about warriors. now that i’ve discovered it, i’ve had a chance to connect with other warriors fans and learn more about the fandom!
      2. hmm, that’s a hard one. i don’t know how long the other candidates have been around blogclan, but since i’ve been here for four, almost five, years now, i think i have a lot of experience in navigating around it and have a good knowledge of the people here and the changes it has gone through!

    • Hatchet the jokeinator making up the chaotic storm we have all grown to love. Buuny that jumps over Hatchet into patch of flakes (Flakepaw) says:

      It has shown me that everyone is welcoming and that blogclan can always be trusted with welcoming and lifting spirits. Well, I am goofy so to help welcome those I could tell a joke!(Never will I have a shortage. Never.)

    • Well, I’d say it’s affected my social anxiety in a great way. Being around friendly, kind people with similar interests has helped me deal with it tremendously, in a similar vein to how Harrison Ford overcame his own social anxiety by joining a drama club, where he found people with similar tastes to his own.

      As for what stands out about me? Plenty of things. My Tony Stark-rivalling, sarcastic sense of humour is one of my most defining traits, but I’ve also got the advantage of my abundance of references, my knowledge of obscure topics, and the fact that I know every word, note, and emphasis of How Bad Can I Be? my wits and intelligence- I’m an all-in-one package of specialities. Plus, depending on who you ask, I might have a bit of charm.

  • Skypaw/shimmer/Sky of No Stars/Sky/Shimmering Sky/she, her/Rosedawn's awesome apprentice! says:


  • Hihi guys! Hopefully some of you are still lurking around here since I forgot to ask questions yesterday!

    1. What does BlogClan mean to you?
    2. What do you hope to achieve should you become deputy?
    3. How do you reflect the role of the deputy in your day-to-day commenting on the Blog?
    4. Do you own any patterned socks?

    • hi osp! here’s your answers:

      1. blogclan, to me, promises a community – not a social media. (first and foremost, it’s a lot less toxic.) there are no followers or begging to be famous. everyone is noticed here and i’d like to think that just about everyone here has at least one blog friend, and if not, it’s easy and fun to make one!
      2. i would like to make a few new friends, and help out the people that don’t have as many. i’d also like to try and connect more with the community and be a little more active. i log onto the blog daily, but since i have been really busy recently, i haven’t always had the time to comment, and i aim to change that.
      3. i try to be friendly and welcoming, especially to newer members. i appreciate all of them and try to understand and think through their comments and why they’ve said what they’ve said.
      4. i usually just wear white socks, but almost ALL of my mom’s socks have patterns on them 😂 the rest of my family’s socks are just plain socks like mine lol

    • 1. It means literally everything to me.
      2. I just want to make the blog a better place than it already is.
      3. I strive to make my comments friendly and kind, and always assist others when they need it.
      4. Yes, actually! Not many, but I do have some.

      I apologise for not being very specific, but I just woke up and my brain’s still in Dreamland

    • Hatchet the jokeinator making up the chaotic storm we have all grown to love. Buuny that jumps over Hatchet into patch of flakes (Flakepaw) says:

      Blogclan means a place where you can go and know there will be people with the same intrests that you have when no one in your irl shares them. Its a place a welcoming and joy. We are just one big family(yes, i’m still working on the blogclan song)

      I hope that I can help more blogclanners be able to stay by showing something that can convince the parents who tell them no more that this is a safe, and kind place for everyone and that there is nothing they need to worry about. Its not a social media that can have cyber bullying but the best online community there is that does the opposite of cyber bullying. We help each other, cheer each other up, calm us down, make sure we actually sleep… Just like I did with Silv and making the drawing for her moms birthday! It helped her mom become convinced that blogclan, is a great community.

      I always try to keep everyones spirits high with my jokes here and there. Just like with the welcoming page, after my blogbreak im trying to get back to the hug page comments again so that I can lift those spirits that are down.

      Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I? Stripes, spots, camos, random designs that no one understands the point of having them except for those who know the point is that its fun.

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