[Headshot and fullbody design of Ivypool]

Why Ivypool Deserves More Love by Wishpaw

Wishpaw shares their opinion on Ivypool.

[Headshot and fullbody design of Ivypool]
Art by Marshcold
[Headshot and fullbody design of Ivypool]

Good morning/day/evening! My name is Wishpaw/river (Wish Gliding In A River), formerly Wishpaw/song (Wish Drifting In A Song). Today, I am going to write about Ivypool and why she deserves SO SO SOOOO much more love. She is personally one of my favorite characters, and, well, if you hate her, I am going to try and get you to like her in this article! Now let’s get started! (Spoilers for Omen of the Stars and later arcs)

Why is Ivypool hated? I, honestly, have NO idea, but I think it has something to do with Dovewing (who I absolutely HATE). People may hate Ivypool because she was jealous, but tell me, since when is someone never jealous? That’s what I thought. Moving one. I think people may also hate her because she trained in the Dark Forest. But she didn’t KNOW they were evil, and they made her believe that she was just becoming a better warrior. Also, training in the Dark Forest was lead by her jealousy. But I still don’t understand how people could hate her. I mean, she later agreed to face her fears and spy for Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing! That was so brave! People should like her MORE after that, not less!

Why do I love Ivypool? She is a fearless and brave character, and will put her Clan before anything else. I know, I know, the think with the Dark Forest. But remember, she spied for the Clan too! She was jealous of Dovewing because Dovewing got all the attention, so she was shadowed by her. Ivypool really deserves some sympathy! She went through the Dark Forest, her jealousy with Dovewing, and she even had to go through the noble death of Bristlefrost in the Dark Forest, knowing that she’ll never see her again. But Ivypool stayed strong through all this, and she never stopped caring. When Dovewing left the Clan, she was hurt even more. You see? She’s been through so much, but faced it with nothing but bravery and courage. This is why I love her and believe that she needs more love and sympathy.

That’s all! I hope now you like Ivypool more, or even as much as me! I might have missed some things, so you could remind me in the comments, as well as your opinion on Ivypool. I hope Ivypool has gained a lot more love from the people who have read this, but now it is time for me to draw this article to an end. I hope to see you around BlogClan, and may StarClan light your path!

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  • Ivypool is hated because she treats Dovewing like trash. She blames Dovewing for things beyond her control and gets mad at her for other reasons. Dovewing tries to warn Ivypool about the Dark Forest but she doesn’t listen because she’s jealous. Ivypool would rather get beaten up by cats who don’t love her instead of appreciating Dovewing and her Clanmates.

    She caused a battle that killed Russetfur and didn’t do her job. Then when she learns the truth, she doesn’t report anything!

    Ivypool isn’t brave – she’s forced to go there in the Dark Forest because she’s stupid. She didn’t listen to anyone except herself, and nearly got killed by Mapleshade and had to force herself to kill other cats because of what she’d done.

    Do I need to remind people that she made Bristlefrost feel uncomfortable around her, her own mother?

    She drags cats like Twigbranch into her drama and forces her to be loyal to her about Dovewing, which makes SkyClan question Twigbranch’s loyalty.

    Ivypool’s pretty nasty, and she really doesn’t deserve the love she gets. She stopped talking to Twigbranch and Dovewing after they broke the code- and nobody notices that? She wants nothing to do with them and can’t accept that people aren’t perfect.

    People hate her for valid reasons. She’s horrible to others. Dovewing’s actions weren’t that bad, Bristlefrost just simply cares about Rootspring, and Twigbranch was unhappy in her Clan, but no, all Ivypool cares about is their disloyalty, not their happiness.

  • Great article! I love BOTH Dovewing and Ivypool. Although it was a little selfish of Dovewing to leave with Tigerheart, I have sympathy for her because she was torn between her happiness and her loyalty to ThunderClan.

  • Great article! I am pretty much neutral about Ivypool and Dovewing but after your article I like Ivypool a little more.

  • Lilackit | Formerly Roseheart | She/her | Check the Hug Page Page 753 for what happened | <3 says:

    Me looking at the cover image: BOMASTIC SIDE EYE 👀

  • I like Ivypool but I do think she can get unnecessarily nasty and mean. I have mixed feelings about this character. But still great job on this article 👍