a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes sits, half in shadow, amidst light pink flowers

Elections, Day 8: Commentary, Part 1

[image description: a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes sits, half in shadow, amidst light pink flowers]

Hi all! What a wonderful first week of elections we’ve had – I’ve had a blast reading through everyone’s speeches and questions! But now it’s time to recap the whirlwind of a week we’ve had, so grab a snack and get comfy, and let’s go!

Before we pass the torch to a new Deputy and Medicine Cat, though, let’s give a huge thank you to Cheetahspark and Goldenfawn, our current Deputy and medicine cat, as well as the Medicine Cat Apprentice, Viperfrost. You guys have been amazing community leaders these last 2 years. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in to make the community a warm and welcoming corner of the Internet!

We’re at the first round of voting – an exciting time for candidates and voters alike. This is the moment where YOU, our lovely BlogClanners, can decide the future Medicine Cat and Deputy of BlogClan. Like in the Warriors books, these are prestigious, highly coveted positions. Choose someone who will change BlogClan for the better, and do us proud! If you’re curious as to what each position entails, I’ve given a handy dandy breakdown here!

Some of the most exciting parts of the BlogClan election season were the hustings! If you’re not entirely sure what hustings are and/or missed out on them, feel free to read the introductory post and the candidates’ responses here

Now, let’s take a look at the current candidates!

Quotes have been taken directly from Hustings posts. Descriptions of candidates are my personal opinion and not a direct statement from the candidate

Here are the candidates running for Medicine Cat: Solarflare, Tinyfrost, Eggsnake, Willowstripe, Tansybranch, Mountainstorm, Bloodmoon, Brambleheart, Wisteriacrow, Frogstorm, and Silverkit!

  • Solarflare – “I want people to look up to me” in a thoughtful hustings speech, Solarflare has shared their desire to welcome new members and remain a friendly face on the blog!
  • Tinyfrost – “I love that the blog [is] a place where we can all go and be ourselves” Tinyfrost wants to give back to a community that has helped them come out of their shell!
  • Eggsnake – “[BlogClan is] a community that I am very lucky to be a part of” Eggsnake emphasized the hospitality and friendliness of the blog in their thoughtful speech!
  • Willowstripe – “I love making new friends” Willowstripe’s friendliness and willingness to help others shines through in their speech!
  • Tansybranch – “I love how open and kind everyone is” Tansybranch is excited for the opportunity to take on the responsibility of medicine cat!
  • Mountainstorm – “chaos, and kindness” is how Mountainstorm described the blog in their speech, and they strive to maintain these values if elected!
  • Bloodmoon – “everyone is accepted” Bloodmoon wants to keep BlogClan a friendly, safe space on the Internet for everyone!
  • Brambleheart – “I want to do my best to make [BlogClan] even better” Brambleheart has fond memories of BlogClan and wants to give back to the community!
  • Wisteriacrow – “I also sometimes find unhappy people and I’d like to cheer them up” Wisteriacrow loves to help people and wants the chance to become more involved with the community!
  • Frogstorm – “I feel so welcome and at home here” Frogstorm wants to foster kindness and positivity on the blog for everyone!
  • Silverkit/nose – “I just want to help out” Silverkit has expertly broken down the role of Medicine Cat with these 6 words, and strives to help the blog however they can!

Wow, so many awesome members running!

Here are the candidates running for Deputy: Shadeleap, Silverdusk, Hollymist, Flamespirit, Flakepatch, Falconstorm, Adderdragon, Nightwind, Bluebat, and Amberleaf!

  • Shadeleap – “I want a chance to show that I’m grateful for all the Blog has given me” says Shadeleap, who loves the kindness of the community!
  • Silverdusk – “nothing gives me more pleasure than to welcome the wonderful new blogfrogs” as an active member, Silverdusk loves fostering a welcoming environment!
  • Hollymist – “I hope I can be a friendly and comforting presence” Hollymist wants to use the role of Deputy to make others feel safe!
  • Flamespirit – “BlogClan made me feel at home” Flamespirit loves the humour, chaos, and kindness of the community!
  • Flakepatch – “I love helping out others” Flakepatch vows to be a humble and thoughtful member, who welcomes others!
  • Falconstorm – “BlogClan has given me so much” says “Captain” Falconstorm, who wants to give back to this meaningful community!
  • Adderdragon – “I aim to grow this community further” Adderdragon wants to keep BlogClan as a safe, comforting place on the Internet!
  • Nightwind – “BlogClan has always been a safe space for me” in his humorous and thoughtful speech, Nightwind praises the kindness of the community and reflects on his time here!
  • Bluebat – “take care of yourselves” says Bluebat in the conclusion to their speech, promising to take care of the community the way it took care of them!
  • Amberleaf – “Some of my happiest memories are of this place” Amberleaf loves the warmth of the blog and wants to spend more time welcoming and comforting members!

So many wonderful candidates!

This year’s election is going to be difficult – I don’t know how I’ll be able to choose who to vote for! All these speeches were so heartfelt and authentic; it’s clear how dedicated these members are to making the blog better!

Voting ends soon! Think your decision through, then cast your vote! You can vote for three candidates this round—hopefully that makes the choice a little easier! Though it probably won’t since, wow! All the candidates are so awesome, and would all make great medicine cats and deputies!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s participated this far – whether you’re running, have voted, drew an election poster, or posted a comment, you’ve made this election season truly something special. Massive thanks!

So, what do you think about the elections so far? Leave a comment below and tell us!



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