[a chibi design of Mapleshade]

mapleshade life by Creamypaw

Creamypaw recounts Mapleshade’s life.

[a chibi design of Mapleshade]
Art by DrakynWyrm
[a chibi design of Mapleshade]

Hello little kitties, big kitties and scary kitties *shivers*
creamypaw here

today my beautiful cat’s I will talk about mapleshade (this is my first article tell me if i missed anything) let’s get to it :3

mapleshade: She became mates with Appledusk, a warrior of RiverClan (which is against the code missy you know), and was expecting his kits. Mapleshade gave birth to Larchkit, Petalkit and Patchkit everyone thought that Birchface was their father
(but it wasn’t) Then Ravenwing found out that Appledusk was the real father and told Oakstar This led him to revealing the truth to the whole of ThunderClan. Oakstar banished Mapleshade, and her troubles became worse when her kits drowned in the river following her attempt to escape to RiverClan. Appledusk blamed Mapleshade for getting their kits drowned and turned Mapleshade away. mapleshade ask dark star to join RiverClan but Darkstar denied making here a loner . which just made her angrier. She became obsessed for vengeance for her kits’ deaths and achieved this by killing Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk, but not before being fatally wounded by Perchpaw, Appledusk’s apprentice. She descended to the Dark Forest. she affected life even tho she was dead. She ruins Crookedstar’s life by making him give her a fateful promise, helping Tigerstar rise as ShadowClan’s leader she started training Goosefeather. She fought in the Great Battle and attempted to kill Sandstorm, but instead killed Spottedleaf for protecting Sandstorm, where she was chased back to the Dark Forest (oww) she helped Ashfur but ended up surrendering

Wow her life was hard, she lost her kits her mate left her and she had to survive as a loner I had been dead by then.

so cat’s that’s all i have for today Please leave your opinion or tell me if i missed something

so bye have a good morning/afternoon/night byeeee creamypaw out

p.s Mapleshape is cool but it sad that her kit’s died

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