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Welcome to the official spoiler page for the fifth installment of A Starless ClanWind!

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  • The teaser (not the blurb, will not be calling it a blurb this time haha) is out!! And I have quite a few thoughts! (SPOILERS INCOMING)

    I’m so grateful that we finally got a glimpse into Curlfeather and Splashtail’s scheming. It was really interesting to finally see the more conniving side of Curfeather! I wished she didn’t go so hard on the ‘evil’ personality, and her motivations were slightly disappointing. I would have preferred more importance placed on wanting to change RiverClan after all the turmoil (Darktail, Ashfur, etc.) that she’s been through rather than how much she just loathed StarClan. I also wish we got to see more RiverClan cats involved in the murders, but those will have to wait for another time, I suppose. My only other thought was Splashtail’s age- he does a lot for someone who is canonically just over a year old, but I think it still works. I did like most of the prologue, though, and it set up a great level of intrigue for the rest of the story.

    Frostpaw’s Chapter
    Really liked how she managed to stand up with a firm voice in the middle of the gathering! It showed immense character development on her side, which was awesome to see. It sucked how Splashtail managed to pass her off as some deranged and grief-stricken child, but in many ways, that helped establish him as a smooth, slick villain. I’m excited to see what she’ll be doing over in ShadowClan in her next chapter!

    Nightheart and Sunbeam’s Chapters
    I’m going to throw these two in together because a fairly large portion of both chapters is these two characters interacting. I read the prologue a day or so ago, and already what happened in which chapter is beginning to evade my memory. Needless to say, the interactions were well-needed after a book of the two mates barely interacting. I liked that they laid the foundation for what each one wanted out of the relationship (ie. having kits, but just spending a few years together before that.) It was great to see Squirrelstar lead the clan, and she showed genuine maturity when she had to make a controversial decision against her own impulses to help the other clans. I am worried for Berryheart, though, due to the talk with the WindClan cats of her being injured. Overall, these two chapters were less interesting than the other two, but still set up the story quite well.

    Wind seems like yet another strong entry into what is undeniably one of my favourite warriors series. I’m very excited to see what the rest of the book has in store when it releases in early April!

  • Nightheart x Sunbeam are honestly a super endearing couple.
    The talk of their future kittens honestly makes me wonder what they might be called.
    To go with the Sun x Night theme…..maybe Duskkit and Dawnkit?

    So apparently, on the German preview of Wind on Amazon, it shows up with several pages from the final chapter of Wind (Source: It’s also on the German wiki and Warriors Wiki Discords.)

    I have several thoughts. (MAJOR SPOILERS INCOMING)

    Berryheart being deputy was not something I expected! I also wonder what they meant by Harestar having “a change of heart.” Leafkit and Branchkit are very cute names for Featherpelt’s kits, but there are already 3 other cats with Leaf- 😛

  • I just finished Wind yesterday. I usually get the books on the day they come out but I was a little late this time cuz i had an issue with getting too many books.
    So here’s a thought. Berryheart spends 3 whole books plus about half the fourth leading a conspiracy theory on how your birth clan matters and how people who goes to a different clan is a spy, and trying her very hardest to get Nightheart and Fringewhisker kicked out of ShadowClan + Sunbeam kicked out of ThunderClan. SPOILER ALERT for Wind: guess what she does in Wind? She joins RiverClan. Just for power I presume because Splashtail manipulated her just like Darktail. Bet he promised her she could be deputy she be like “Oh i don’t care if I’m a humongus hypocrite, I’m a powerhungry villain I need to be deputy.”

  • So. I just finished.
    Oh. My. GOD.
    The series is getting better and better!
    Here are my theories for what will happen next to each character 😀
    For Frostpaw, I think that she will get caught spying on RiverClan, so that we have a cat in there. She’ll hopefully manage to convince other cats into turning against Splashtail, since all the leaders, besides Leafstar, have been convinced. I’m sure that she’ll eventually be rescued by Sunbeam, Nightheart, and Wafflepaw, and brought to ThunderClan(because it’s Warriors, they always need more cats in ThunderClan). I think that Frostpaw will go to SkyClan and attempt to convince Leafstar, who won’t believe her and perhaps sends her away, but then perhaps Frostpaw manages to convince one of the Medicine Cats, who convinces Leafstar. Then, maybe Splashtail attacks a border patrol on either ShadowClan or WindClan’s border, and cats go and fight back. Splashtail is maybe confronted by Frostpaw, and he attempts to kill her, but then, Nightheart and Sunbeam maybe help her, and Splashtail is killed, and Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Hollowspring, and Podlight are driven out or something. Frostpaw gets to go back to RiverClan, and soon after, she is made a Medicine Cat(maybe named Frostleaf or Frostclaw?).
    I think that Nightheart and Sunbeam will manage to get away from being captured by Splashtail. Perhaps, Sunbeam is nearly captured, but Nightheart manages to claw off Splashtail’s Warriors, and the two go back to ThunderClan. Nightheart maybe asks Squirrelstar if he can go back to RiverClan to save Frostpaw, but perhaps he refuses. Maybe he and Sunbeam go to ask Tigerheartstar if he’ll help them, but perhaps he refuses once again. Maybe they plan to go and get Frostpaw, and as they’re sneaking out, they find Wafflepaw following them. Perhaps they’re too far to turn back and bring Wafflepaw home, so they end up saving Frostpaw, sneaking her out and running back to ThunderClan. Perhaps Nightheart gets instructions from Squirrelstar or Ivypool to train Wafflepaw for battle against RiverClan, and maybe WindClan or ShadowClan is attacked. They go and help, and perhaps Nightheart spots Splashtail fighting Frostpaw, and he and Sunbeam attack him and kill him. In the end, maybe Nightheart and Sunbeam have a few kits a few moons later.
    I think that Sunbeam and the others, as stated before, will get caught spying on RiverClan. Sunbeam attempts to escape, and perhaps she got caught, but Nightheart managed to get her before they dragged her off with Frostpaw. Sunbeam perhaps tries to comfort Nightheart, but fails, and gets nervous about it. Maybe she begins to wonder if her family would be all right in RiverClan. Nightheart perhaps come to Sunbeam about asking Tigerheartstar for help to get Frostpaw back, and she goes and asks, but perhaps is refused for her safety. Sunbeam and Nightheart decide to go and get her anyway, and are perhaps followed by Wafflepaw. They save Frostpaw, and perhaps Sunbeam gets a chance to connect with her or something. Sunbeam perhaps talks to WindClan cats, and perhaps they tell her about yowls of anger and pain coming from RiverClan, which worries her more for her family. Eventually, Splashtail attacks either WindClan or ShadowClan, and Sunbeam fights against them, and then she and Nightheart manage to kill Splashtail after he attacks Frostpaw. Sunbeam then has kits with Nightheart a few moons later.
    These aren’t confirmed, just my theories!

  • Goldenbrook 🖤 Member of the Tortured Poet's Department 🩶 Garlic Bread Supremacy 🤍 "I think the most magnificent things in life are worth living for" 💜 says:

    *walks in five minutes late with starbucks*
    so I finally got to read the book. You know, after AVoS and TBC, when I really just hated the books and wasn’t enjoying myself, I started to worry that the reason i didn’t like them was because I was getting too old for warriors.
    But no.
    Because ASC is fantastic.
    It had a rough start, but WOW.
    And now, my actual thoughts. I didn’t like Nightheart at first, but I really think he’s matured. And him and Sunbeam… I didn’t think it had enough development, but they’re just so??? pure?? it’s a really healthy relationship, and both partners are putting in effort and trying their best to understand each other and it’s a breath of fresh air from questionable relationships in the series.
    One thing I particularly love about this series is how the relationships feel believable. in TBC, Shadowsight spent barely any time with the others but they acted like they were best friends. It made no sense. But HERE, Nightheart and Frostpaw spent a lot of time together, and developed a real relationship! The brother-sister dynamic isn’t just cute, it’s believable. And I know Frostpaw and Sunbeam haven’t talked much, but at least the authors aren’t forcing a friendship… yet. I really hope they don’t.
    And speaking of Frostpaw- I love her. She’s really grown up and become more decisive. Another thing I appreciate is that she doesn’t have a romance. Finally, a medicine cat point of view who isn’t overly focused on romance! It’s refreshing. I’ve seen theories that she might end up with Whistlepaw, and while I wouldn’t be too mad… I want her to stay single. Can’t we have more medicine cats who remained single?? Please??
    And then there’s the Splashtail debacle. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that the threat revolves around politics and something INSIDE the Clans rather than something supernatural. I am over the moon happy. This is what I am HERE FOR. There’s not some outsider swooping in, or the Dark Forest involved, just a good old-fashioned dictator! I love it, it’s great.
    But back to the actual topic- Splashtail feels like a real threat. They said he has a talent for manipulation- and he does! He’s willing to lie and cheat and murder his way to power. And the prologue really helped. You know that saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions?” Yeah! That!
    I’ll miss Harelight though. He could have made a fantastic leader
    What do we think Frostpaw’s name will be? Frostlight, for Harelight? Frostwish? Frostfeather, for her mother? It would be controversial, but I think it could be cool

    Read the book and finished it today! Wonderful, as expected. I liked Nightheart from the start and I’m just liking him and the other protags more and more throughout this series. Much better than TBC, about as good as AVoS, which I loved. Also Night x Sun is so flipping cute I love it- ik a lot of y’all didn’t expect it to be wholesome nor healthy but it’s thankfully both of those things, it’s absolutely adorable and good for both sides, they really care about each other and loveeee reading about them sm <3
    Also Berryheart joining RC and becoming deputy was NOT expected, and Splashtail is just going more and more insane, especially after he killed Harelight right in front of the whole clan, guess he's not scared of being caught anymore, or maybe he knows his Clan is too scared to snitch idk :\
    Squirrelstar is really nice tho! She's a vv good leader, as expected! Also love that her and Bramble's relationship has mended now that Bramble's getting his well-deserved break
    Overall wonderful book, can't wait for Star in November!