[a simplistic design of Millie looking anxious]

Defending the Hated: Millie by Daisyspirit

Daisyspirit defends Millie.

[a simplistic design of Millie looking anxious]
Art by warrior cat designs (tumblr: rcctpaw)
[a simplistic design of Millie looking anxious]

Hi! It is Daisyspirit here with another Defending the Hated article! Today, I will be defending Millie, a commonly hated cat of the Warriors Universe. I will list 3 reasons why she hated and defend her (I am trying to shorten the DtH articles, so I won’t be doing reasons to love anymore). Let’s begin!

⚠️WARNING ⚠️!! SPOILERS FOR TPB, TNP, PO3, AND OOTS!!!!!! (Spoilers for TPB and TNP are minor and only mentioned.)

1. She is a bad mother!
Many people say Millie is a bad mother because she only pays attention to Briarlight and completely ignores her other kits. THIS IS SO NOT CORRECT!!!!!! Millie is actually a better mother than others. Other cats (cough Rainflower cough) may just ignore their kits if they run off, but not Millie. Sure, she did yell at Blossomfall, but she has a point. If Blossomfall doesn’t get disciplined, she may run away again. And Blossomfall and Bumblestripe are full-fledged warriors who can take care of themselves. Briarlight’s disability, while not fully limiting her, can restrain Briarlight from quite a lot of things. Also keep in mind that this is Millie’s first litter (I think??), so she might feel that with one of her kits getting such an injury, she is failing as a mother. It is not that I don’t respect the opinions of Millie-haters, but I do think she deserves more sympathy.

2. She stole Graystripe from Silverstream!!!!
That is DEFINITELY not true. Graystripe met her moons after Silverstream died, and, even though he still loved Silverstream, it would normally be the time that he wouldn’t start moving on. Now, I haven’t read Graystripe’s Adventure so correct me, Millie didn’t know about Silverstream right away. It took a long time to bring that up. And Graystripe fell in love with her. That was his choice, not Millie’s. If you hate Millie for that, you have to hate Graystripe too.

3. Millie caused Blossomfall to go to the Dark Forest!
This ties back to people thinking she is a bad mother, but this is actually true! However it was Blossomfall’s decision, and Millie would never mean it! Keeping in mind she didn’t know there was a DF at first, and you can’t hate a cat because of one mistake.

Ok, so now that you have read the article, tell me: Do you still hate Millie, or have your opinions changed??????? Again I respect your opinions, and I hope you liked the article!
~Daisyspirit 🌼👻

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