Happy Birthday, Roselet!

Yay!!! It’s Roselet’s Birthday!


Hi Roselet!

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have an amazing day!!! 😀

How’re you feeling right now? Are you ready to celebrate your special day? What have you got planned for today? Are you going to have a birthday cake?

If you’d like, please tell us all about your birthday in the comments below! However, no pressure if you don’t want to! <3 We’re all wishing you a fabulous day!

a pink cake on a platter with icing roses and leaves on top. credit to wilton.com

Here’s the cake I chose for you! It’s to honour your nickname of Roselet!! I think this cake looks beautiful, and even though I don’t massively love the colour pink, I find it really pretty and nicely decorated! I hope you like it!! 😀

Now is time for your presents – you have a lot that have been sent in for you from your BlogClan friends!

Firstly, Flamepaw/spirit, sent you a drawing and message:

“Hey Rainie!!! Just popping in to wish you a happy birthday and give you a little something! I hope your birthday is just as special and amazing as you are!! 💖 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 💖”

Next, you have a message, poem, and cake, all sent for you by Silverdusk!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINI <3 I remember when we first started becoming besties. It was like a year or so ago, I barely had any friends on the blog and your name was Rosepaw/flame. And nowww, agesss later, we’re still besties! anyways, I hope you have the most fantastic bday in the world because you deserve it!! You are such a kind, sweet, funny and supportive person and ilysssssm sdlkjksdglkjfds
Sending all the treats and presents in the world <3

Rainpaw/brook is a:
Ray of sunshine, an
Amazing person who is very
Important to me.
No matter what, she is my
Bestie and a
Really positive blogfrog.
Of course she is also really
Optimistic and very very
Kind and i love her sooo much.


Now, you have a message and cupcake from Rosepaw/fern:

“Heya, Roselet, I’ve seen you around and you’re really awesome! I’d love to get to know you more! Happy happy birthday! Have an awesome day, and have a cupcake!”

This is a message for you from Emberpaw/shine:

“Hi Rosy! Thanks for being such a positive and fun person, and happy birthday!”

And last but not least is a drawing and message from Hazelpaw/shine:

“Happy Birthday Rainpaw!!! Welcome to the teenage club 😛 You are such an awesome friend, I hope you have the best of birthdays!!”


Well I hope you enjoyed all those! They certainly made me smile just reading them to put them into the post! 😛

BlogClan hopes you have an incredible day! We all adore having you on the Blog with us, Roselet, and you deserve a marvellous day! <3

From Aquila and all of BlogClan 💚

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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