[a design of Nightheart looking toward the viewer]

How Nightheart Got Ruined… After Getting Fixed by Briarpaw

Briarpaw takes a look at Nightheart’s characterization in A Starless Clan.

[a design of Nightheart looking toward the viewer]
Art by skyperch (tumblr)
[a design of Nightheart looking toward the viewer]

Wow, I haven’t written an article in ages. So, hi! You might see my old articles, which I had the name Briarkit in, but my writing skills have improved A LOT, just gonna say that. Anyway, enough about me, let’s hop right into it!
So, at the time of writing this, I just finished reading Shadow earlier today. So I decided to see if one of my favourite Warriors YouTubers, Bright Guardian Akira(I recommend you check her out, she’s amazing!!!), had posted about it. And sure enough, she did! She posted about Nightheart, just what I’m writing about! So, Akira said that Nightheart had really been developed as a character for most of Shadow. He had left ThunderClan to go be with Sunbeam in ShadowClan, worked harder to find smart ways to pass Berryheart’s impossible tests(with help from Sunbeam & inspiration from Fringewhisker), & even showed us who the villain of this arc probably is. So, he was doing A LOT. But then, he visited ThunderClan, and realized just how horrible things are over there. So he purposely failed his last task. But that’s not where I find things going wrong. Nightheart went back to ThunderClan & rejoined, but he’s sad about having to sacrifice his life with Sunbeam to do so. Meanwhile, Sunbeam is so upset, especially because Nightheart told her that he had failed on purpose. So, she starts to think that maybe Berryheart was right about Clanswapping. This is where everything started going wrong. Nightheart had to sacrifice his relationship with Sunbeam, which in return made her very upset. She started to give into her mother’s thinking, which could have lead to an AMAZING anti-hero arc. Sunbeam could have fallen into her mother’s twisted mindset, making sure that no cat would ever feel how she did, but then eventually realizing that was wrong. She could have even sided with Splashtail & her mother’s group, until perhaps some action with Frostpaw convinced her to change her ways & turn on her mother. She could have even become a spy after turning for Frostpaw, and leaked all the plans Splashtail & Berryheart have to everyone. But. That. Didn’t. Happen. Because the writing team just had to make Sunbeam go waltz into ThunderClan and be with Nightheart. Now, I know there was that scene where Sunbeam wouldn’t have been happy with any tom in ShadowClan, but still. Really? Just, really? That kind of makes Nightheart’s sacrifice of his love pointless. In reality, Warrior Cats is not about cats. Sure, they are cats, they purr, groom themselves, meow, do cat stuff, but they also have society. Wars. Roadtrips. These cats are basically furry humans cosplaying as cats(not furries. Not trying to go down that route and get people offended, no thank you). In reality, you WILL have to break up with people. You WILL have to sacrifice things for others. Maybe love, maybe something else. And Warrior Cats, in the past, has had those elements. Like, take Graystripe & his first litter for an example. He originally gave up ThunderClan for them, but then realized he needed to be with his Clan, & he left his kits with RiverClan because it would be best for all three of them. It would have been best for Nightheart & Sunbeam if they went their separate ways. But no, because Sunbeam went to join ThunderClan. Which basically makes it so that Nightheart isn’t losing anything.
But there might be ONE way to fix it that I can think of.
Sunbeam & Nightheart break up anyway. So, Sunbeam & Nightheart maybe live in ThunderClan together for a bit, Sunbeam does one or two of her tasks, yada yada, but she never gets to the third. And that’s because Squirrelstar decides to attack ShadowClan, & Sunbeam can’t bring herself to do it. So, Sunbeam & Nightheart argue, then Sunbeam leaves and the two break up. Sunbeam could go back to ShadowClan & do all of the things as an anti-hero that I said before, which would, in fact, make one of the two close main characters close with Frostpaw, which could prove to be very useful. I know the Erins probably won’t do those things, but I’m crossing my fingers that they do.
Because Sunbeam & Nightheart cannot be together.
I love their relationship, I do, but it just doesn’t work.
Thank you, & that is all, folks!
Have an amazing daynight, & let’s see how this plays out!
Maybe Thunder will be out by the time this posts, but it’s still a fun theory…
P.S. This is the link to the Bright Guardian Akira video

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