[a design of Jayfeather sitting with a feather silhouette behind him]

My favorite warrior cats by Sedgepaw

Sedgepaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

[a design of Jayfeather sitting with a feather silhouette behind him]
Art by chyllii (tumblr)
[a design of Jayfeather sitting with a feather silhouette behind him]

5. Cinderheart/pelt
I love both Cinderpelt and Cinderheart. It was just sad Cinderpelt had to die, just as her sister-in-law was in labor. Her personality, and her celebrity crush on Firestar is just so cute. What I don’t really get, is that Briarlight could be a warrior, when she’s paralyzed, but Cinder 1 couldn’t only with a crippled leg. And her niece, Cinderheart. I love her character, and how she battled her leg, and her love life. She proves that anyone can swim, RiverClan or not, injured or fine. Her relationship with Lionblaze is just sad, and I love it. I’m also intrigued at how StarClan cats reincarnate into a kit.

4. Scourge
Scourge is one of the best villains in Warriors. I just love his arc. And he killed and recruited a lot of cats before TDH. His legacy even lived on in Ravenpaw’s Path and Graystripe’s Vow. His revenge on Tigerstar was the best revenge in the books. He did have a soft side for his siblings. He forgave Socks and Ruby for bullying him, even after Ruby took it too far. He ended one of the craziest villains (with the help of his killer), the mighty Tigerstar.

3. Feathertail
Why, oh why was Feathertail’s life cut short? Her death broke me emotionally, and she went through enough hell in her life. When she finally found peace, that lasted only about one book. Her mom dies. Graystripe is there for her from Rising Storm to a little into A Dangerous Path. Then, RiverClan is taken over by one of the biggest TBP tyrants. During A Shadow in RiverClan, her social health is impacted severely. In Midnight, her relationship with Crowpaw is cute, but I think of it as a schoolboy crush.

2. Jayfeather
Jayfeather has a grumpy-elder personality, and I love it. He’s the only prophecy cat that doesn’t really lament over the loss of their power, and his relationship with Cinderpaw is so nice. Idk about him and Half Moon, but the only reason I know how he reacted after the Great Battle is Bramblestar’s Storm. His power is the coolest of the Three, and that’s because he knows other cat’s feelings.

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