Elections, Day 14: The Finale

The conclusion we’ve all been waiting for! C:

Hey BlogClan! These past weeks have been so exciting. From the hustings to the voting itself, I hope you all had a ton of fun with this election! C:

And NOW…

…the moment of truth…

Our new medicine cat is…

By Goldenfawn!


And our new deputy is…

By Goldenfawn!


And finally, our new medicine cat apprentice is…

By Darkwing!


Congratulations to all of you! I have no doubt that you’ll make BlogClan an even more welcoming, fun, and kind place for the next two years.

And thank you to everyone who ran! You all were amazing and I loved seeing everyone’s heartwarming speeches. Each of you is already a fantastic person and you give so much to the community.

Thank you to all voters; your participation in the elections is a big part of what makes them fun! Whether through thought-provoking hustings questions or kind encouragement to candidates, you all made it worthwhile. We’re so happy that you enjoy the elections and participate in such an integral way.

We have decided to give our Medicine Cat and their apprentice, as well as our Deputy, each their own page to make into whatever they feel the Blog needs! Introducing, the Medicine Den, and the Deputy’s Den. A little explanation of what these spaces are for are on the pages themselves. Have fun exploring these new sections of the Blog! They will not be linked in the Header, but instead, are searchable 🙂

Here are some thoughtful words from Goldi, who has now reached the end of their term as medicine cat!


Over seven years ago, when I was ten years old, I stumbled upon a little place called BlogClan. I was immediately bombarded with the sounds of BlogChat, confused as I kept hearing the “bloop” sound it made everytime someone said something, which was a lot. I jumped headfirst into the chaos of chat, met new friends, enjoyed myself, and logged off for the night, not realizing how much my life would truly change in the upcoming months and years.

It’s safe to say clicking on a random link on the Warriors Wiki was the best decision of my life. BlogClan is without a doubt the the best community I have ever had the honor to be a part of. The core of BlogClan, even as the years pass and users come and go, has always remained the same. It is welcoming, loving, creative, funny, supportive, and most of all, safe. It is a light in an often uncertain and scary world, and I am so proud to be a part of it. 

I went from a struggling child who thought they could never find true friends or community to an upcoming university student who knows that wherever I go in life or whatever I’m going through, I can always turn to the people on this amazing site. The people I have met on here, the friends I have made, are indescribably wonderful and I can never thank you all enough for your enduring love and support. ❤️ Back in 2016, I could never have even began to dream of where I am today, and it is truly thanks to this site that I am the person I am.

As I move onto this next phase in my life, I am so pleased to see this next generation of BlogClanners taking on these roles. To our new Deputy and Medicine Cat, Shadeleap and Eggsnake, I am so proud and excited for you and your future. You will undoubtedly fill these positions wonderfully and I have full faith that you will bring new and exciting things to both BlogClan and the world. <3 

I can never truly put into words what exactly BlogClan means to me or what it has done for me, so I just want to say to all of you, thank you. Thank you for bringing yourself onto this site everyday and contributing something wonderful and unique, for bringing light to all our lives, and most of all for just being you. You are what makes BlogClan what it is and I am so incredibly grateful to have been your Medicine Cat. 

We also wish Cheetah good luck on her travels beyond BlogClan as she excels in college and begins her career! She is a caring, kind member of our community who will be treasured in our memories.

Thank you both for your kindness and service to the community for the past two years and beyond! And with that, the 2023 BlogClan elections have concluded. C:

I hope to see you all in 2025 for our next elections! It truly does pass far quicker than you’d think! ;D

❄️🐍Viper Inc: Arson & Tax Fraud🐍❄️



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