[a design of Firestar sitting and looking over his shoulder]

How I Think Firestars Character Could Have Been Better by Echopaw

Echopaw shares her thoughts on Firestar.

[a design of Firestar sitting and looking over his shoulder]
Art by Aniritak
[a design of Firestar sitting and looking over his shoulder]

Hey, I’m Echopaw! My pronouns are she/her/hers. Here I’ll be talking about how I think Firestar’s character could have been improved throughout the series! (Note: I’m reading the first book of the second series right now, so I’ll only be talking about the first six books. And please no spoilers in the comments, thank you!)

Firestar is an icon in the warrior world. Most cats in warriors love him, and he is featured in several series. He has multiple prophecies, starting with his first prophecy that leads him on his path to greatness: “Fire alone will save our clan”, and is overall an okay character. He is shown as kind, caring, patient, and willing to do the right thing–even if it means breaking a few rules. However, he isn’t perfect, so I’m going to be discussing how I think Firestar’s character could have been improved.

DISCLAIMER: This is JUST my OPINION; this is NOT FACT. If you like him, that’s perfectly fine! If you don’t, that’s fine too! Please don’t attack me or anyone else for my opinions, thank you!

Firestar, from the beginning, is (at least for me) annoyingly perfect. He is always willing to do the right thing (Someone just spat in your face and attacked you, why are you helping them?) and never seems to be angry. He has infinite patience and is very good at fighting–even though he has never fought a day in his life. From the beginning, he is perfect. However, I think he shouldn’t have been. I would have loved to see him start out as okay at fighting–good enough to get him into the clan, but not good enough to beat a warrior on his first try. I would have loved to see him start off as immature (as young people usually are–no offense, I’m in middle school too) and gradually develop and learn. Have him make mistakes. Have him be mean once or twice, and then learn to apologize!

But sometimes he does something, while not morally wrong, that is against the warrior code: such as taking care of Yellowfang and giving her prey that should have gone to the clan. He should probably get a severe punishment, right? Like taking care of the elders for two moons, or collecting rat bile for a moon, or something like that. Instead, he gets off (in my opinion) easily. I’m not saying Yellowfang was a piece of cake or anything, but he always seems to get light punishments compared to everyone else. Like picking out medicine herbs or taking care of the Elders for a moon. And did I mention Yellowstar likes Firestar, AND the elders like him too? It’s pretty unrealistic in my opinion. Have him struggle so he can be better! Have him learn through his mistakes!

Anyways, that is the two major flaws I see in him, but please let me know if you have a different opinion, or if you have any other reasons you dislike him! Thank you for reading, and have a nice day or night (:

P.S. Sorry for ending kinda abruptly!

-Echopaw / She/her/hers

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