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My Favorite and Least Favorite Warrior Cats, Plus the Ones In Between by Rosefern

Rosefern lists their favourite, least favourite, and most indifferent characters from the series.

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Hey, everyone!
It’s Rosefern, and I’m here with another article, today I will be discussing Top 15 fav and least fav cats, and in between 10 cats that I’m meh about.
Here we go! My favs:
15: Violetshine.
Violetshine is absolutely better than Twigbranch! Violetshine had it so much harder then Twigbranch! She lost her foster mother at a young age because Rowanstar was being just as greedy as ShadowClan cats are, deciding he wanted Violetkit for ShadowClan. In ShadowClan she was bullied by Sleekpaw/whisker, neglected by her foster mother and siblings, and resented in general by pretty much the whole of ShadowClan. And she didnt just keep whining about it, she dealt with it with that quiet determination I love about her. Then she joins the Kin with Needletail and learns the true meaning of friendship as the two conspire against Darktail. And although I’m not the biggest fan of Tree because I really just don’t get his point, I love Violetshine’s devotion to him, her striving to get him accepted by the Clan(s). Also, I’m glad she also sorta had a role in TBC, fighting with Darktail and killing his spirit.
14: Shadowsight.
Shadowsight was basically Ashfur’s portal, to deliver his sinister messages to the Clans and when Shadowsight realized he’d been tricked into doing evil, Ashfur attacked him and threw him off the edge of a ravine. I like getting firsthand looks at the cats who get tricked into doing evil. Also, I like him in particular because as soon as he realized he had been tricked, even when he was a ghost, and even when everycat was scorning him and distrusting him for his wrongdoings, he kept persevering and kept going, determined redeem himself. I just love that about him.
13: Bristlefrost.
Again, firsthand look into the cats tricked into doing evil. Another thing I really like about her is she made her choice—Bramblestar is acting weird, and concerning. Even though, just like Shadowsight, she thought she was helping, she dropped her whole thing with the False Bramblestar and I like how she went to spy on him. I also just love BristleXRoot they totally belong together. It’s just a shame Bristlefrost died in that evil lake of dark water.
12: Flametail.
Well let’s start when he came to ThunderClan as an apprentice. He and Dawnpaw and Tigerpaw were all really cute, but while Dawnpelt and Tigerheartstar went all rotten as warriors (WARNING: my oppinion, I respect any you may have), Flametail didn’t. In Night Whispers when he gets POV it’s interesting how he grappels with Littlecloud’s sickness, also his unwillingness to stay apart from the other clans, and Flametail’s own visions. And in The Last Hope, although he was mad at Jayfeather, or something, he still did a huge favor by telling the truth about his drowning and unitingtheClans. He was still just that strongwilled, perseveerant, lovable cat we knew so well from Night Whispers. It would’ve made so much sense for him to be the Fourth Cat because although Firestar’s a great cat, he really is in too many prophecies, he needs to give someone else a turn.
11: Cinderheart.
Cinderheart was just plain awesome! An awesome mate, mentor, and mother, just awesome!
Cinderheart I think needs a novella maybe called Cinderheart’s Spirit or something, placed from when she was Cinderpaw and first started getting visions/memories, all the way up until the Great Battle, when she let Cinderpelt’s spirit go, how she dealt with it, also detailing her struggles with Lionblaze from her perspective.
10: Whitestorm.
He was probably the most supportive senior warrior of Firepaw/heart/star from when he first came into the Clan as a kittypet up until his leadership. And then Tigerclaw betrays ThunderClan and Bluestar gets depressed (For the 3rd time in her life), Whitestorm is still supportive of Fireheart and help with the extra pressure Bluestar just suddenly thrust on him. Firestar made such a great deputy choice in Whitestorm, his death might’ve been the saddest in TPB in my humble oppinion.
9: Feathertail.
I just love Feathertail, how she always looked on the bright side of things, she was optimistic, cheerful, and bright, and CrowXFeather4EVER!
She sacrificed her self for the Tribe even though they literally took Stormfur—her brother, prisoner. That was such a brave and kindhearted decision!
8: Mistystar.
The one thing I really like about Mistystar is she’s mostly calm thoughtful and logical. In Battles of the Clans we see how instead of just snapping at Blackstar she just asked him what was going on. In TFW/TLH when everycat was blaming Jayfeather for murdering Flametail she knew to give him the benefit of the doubt (A skill I strongly encourage, by the way), helped to think of a reasonable punishment (This is also goes for in Dovewing’s Silence she helps find a good way for the former Dark Forest trainees to prove their loyalty) and ya.
I think Mistystar needs another novella. Her first one was kinda a waste I think, just her whining about Mothwing for 70+ pages. I think I’d like one, maybe Mistyfoot’s Heritage, concurrent with TPB A Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour, how she dealt with the whole truth-coming-out-about-halfclan thing that would be fun.
7: Tawnypelt.
Tawnypelt is awesome! She’s proud and independent, bold and stubborn. My favorite part about her is how she dealt with her Tigerclawstar issues. When she felt misstreated by her own Clan for it, she decided she didn’t feel comfortable in ThunderClaan and then left for ShadowClan, where she was happiest. Also she stood up for herself instead of sulking her whole life, then every would’ve been a totally different cat. I do also like how she dealt with aher Tigerheartstar issues too, again standing up for herself and stepping down as deputy because she felt like she wasn’t getting the respect she deserved as deputy. Check out this awesome flaming quote by her that I love:
“The way you won’t listen to me, or Dovewing, or even Leafpool about this—you’re acting like a tyrant, not a leader. It reminds me of another Tigerstar I once knew.”(Tawnypelt’s Clan;Chapter 4)
I just love that! I wholeheartedly agree with this haha. GO TAWNYPELT! I am so proud of her!
Also, I may be alone on this, but Tawnypelt reminds me a lot of Shadowstar, first leader of ShadowClan. They both have similar traits in their independence, speaking up for themselves and what they believed was right for their own personal wellbeing, and just things I don’t know how to discribe.
6: Briarlight.
I love Briarlight!!!! I love her bright, optimistic approach to life, even after she was crushed (Both physically and emotionally) by the fact that she couldn’t be a warrior. If Cinderpelt got reincarnated Briarlight should’ve too but ofcourse not because STARCLAN PICKS FAVORITES!! That’s my oppinion, but I’ll get into that in another article. Anyways, maybe it also wouldn’t be such a good idea given how much trouble it caused Cinderheart to basically have been possessed half her life, how much confusion and despair and just trauma she faced when Cinderpelt’s spirit was awakened inside of her. But ya I just love Briarlight. I think she needs a novella about how she dealt with when she first realized she could never be a warrior and her legs got crushed by a falling tree.
5: Ivypool!!!!!!!!
Ivypool— Excellent female rolemodel which, people, we really needed! She’s better than Dovewing in my oppinion, but I’ll expand on that later. She risked her life everynight in the Dark Forest, for the Clans. I didn’t like her as a apprentice but I liked her as a warrior. She was also a good, sensible mentor and mother to Bristlefrost, who is really similar to her mother in the way that she was tricked by the evil cats and then figured out and started spying for them, so ya.
4: Hollyleaf!!!
Hollyleaf SOOO should’ve been the Fourth Cat!!!! She worked so hard for the prophecy and then she was so shattered by the Leafpool-and-Squirrelflight thing she killed a cat, and of course that was rooted into her destiny (Which seems to be StarClan’s excuse for everything) and so she wasn’t part of the Three or even the Fourth. I also love how she actually regretted her actions instead of making excuses for and/or glossing over them. I love her friendship with Fallen Leaves. I love her triumphant return to the Clans to stop Sol and the Dark Forest.
3: Cinderpelt.
Yas people I love Cinderpelt, just like Briarlight I love her bright and optimistic vision of life even though she broke her leg and could never be a warrior like her dream.
2: Firestar.
Firestar needs more love. The only thing I don’t like about him is how many prophecies he’s in. Also I don’t like how he treated Bramblekit for awhile (I don’t blame him for it but I also don’t like it), also, this scene nobody seems to remember, in Midnight, he made what I can only describe as a stupid assumption and treated Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw like absolute crowfood. But overall he’s a good cat, every cat has there lapses in judgment. I honestly love how he’s keeping the peace and calm or at least trying to, he is also a strong leader he’ll go into battle when he thinks it’s necessary. It’s better than being battlehungry like Leopardstar, mentally insane like Bluestar, or downright weak like Rowanstar(Claw). I knew from the second Tigerclaw was introduced as a villain in The Prophecies Begin, that it was Firestar’s destiny to fight him to the death, which eventually he did, I was right! He is loyal, strong, brave, and kind and caring to his loved ones.
Before I go to number 1 I’m going to give you some honorable mentions to get the suspense up!
Honorable mentions: Thunderstar, Windstar, Shadowstar, Gray Wing, Crowfeather, Hawkwing, Leafstar, Sorreltail, Needletail, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Lionheart, Willowshine, Frostpaw, Spottedleaf, Stonefur
Now my favorite character in the entire Warriors series is…
1: Jayfeather!!!!!!!
Jayfeather is awesome! I love his grumpy personality, and his sharp tongue, but also how he has a strong bond with those he cares for. I just love how he forgave Leafpool and Squirrelflight, his awesomeness has been tested many times but it has held true! I love his power too, it’s the one I would most like to have. I also like how he basically had self-control over it, as an apprentice he really didn’t but as a full med-cat he was really good with that!
As a sort of intermission, I will give you a list of 10 cats that I don’t have an oppinion not:
Crookedstar, Lionblaze, Alderheart, Rootspring, Blackstar, Puddleshine, Graystripe, Longtail, Ferncloud, Blossomfall
Now cats I don’t like…
15: Tallstar.
I know, I know, extremely unpopular oppinion. Let me explain: his super edition was very touching and all, and I think he was a (mostly) decent leader of his Clan, but let me tell you the one thing that really bothers me about him: yes, it is his relationship with Firestar and ThunderClan. At first I was like “Well, ok, fine” and I’d also thought it’d blown over with the whole Brokentail thing, but then in TNP, it came back, and worse! It bothers me that Tallstar definitely seemed to have loyalty to Firestar, and that’s just not right. Listen, if you want loyalty to Firestar, go to ThunderClan. This even led to him appointing Onewhisker as deputy of WindClan in his dying moments, because he didn’t want there to be conflict with ThunderClan. Now we all know there were underlying meanings to that, additional motivations that remained unsaid but that’s exactly the issue that they were unsaid, if the reason he chose to share was relating to a totally different Clan I find that a cause for concern. And it didn’t even work—It got us—in my oppinion—one of the worst cats in the entire series: Onestar.
14: Mothwing.
I did respect her oppinion not belieanding in StarClan. What I don’t like is how when she finally realized StarClan was real she was just so negative about them. I honestly disagree with some things about StarClan, but not the things Mothwing’s upset about. We see when she tells the other medicine cats about this and they provide the good things StarClan has done (Which I agree with) she’s just so quick to be so negative about them. It’s almost like she’s LOOKING for reasons to be mad at StarClan.
13: Heathertail.
I’m sure most of you know why I dislike Heathertail. It’s the same reason most others dislike her. I do not sympathize with cats who hold grudges way too long. I do though think she should have a novella, probably would be called Heathertail’s Friendship or Heathertail’s Grudge, or something, about her friendship with Lionblaze and her grudge against him. I like getting insights into the way cats think. So ya Heathertail used to be friends with Lionblaze. The two used to play together in the tunnels underneath ThunderClan and WindClan when they were both apprentices. After a battle with WindClan, Lionpaw was worried for Heatherpaw, and realized that it wasn’t a thought that kept him loyal to his own Clan, so he made the tough yet sensible decision to stop seeing Heathertail. However Heathertail was shattered and was I might add only thinking about herself, and from then on whenever she saw Lionblaze she found a reason to spite him. I’m not as mad as some people about her choice of mates with Breezepelt, I knew they would end up together because the cats who constantly argue at first pretty much always end up being mates: Hawkwing and Pebbleshine, Skystar and Star Flower,Bramblestar Squirrelflight, Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw, and so many more, and then over time she sorta faded into the background, and I’m sure she got over the grudge eventually but I do think she held it way too long, and may need a lesson in dealing with her issues a little better.
12: Sparkpelt.
Well…There you have it, folks! The latest bad mother, seriously, I think Nightheart could do abit better for himself, maybe actually listening to people, or just saying, “I’m not trying to reject Firestar’s kin I just don’t want everycat constantly comparing me to him” but Sparkpelt…Oh Sparkpelt, needs to change a lot. She won’t even listen to Nightheart! She wouldn’t even negotiate with him! Also about the leaving she was so stubborn, so mean about it, she was just trying to hard to control Nightheart’s life, to make him just the way she wanted. The reason I say “wouldn’t” and “was” is because I loved her little reunion with Nightheart at the end of Shadow, it was so touching I almost cried. And I guess I forgive Sparkpelt, because I know she’ll try hard to be a better mother, which is why she’s not higher up on my list, but I still don’t like her. I’ll have to wait ’til Thunder comes out and she’d better show she’s willing to be better to Nightheart, and then I’ll maybe like her abit more.
11: Sleekwhisker!
Sleekwhisker is terrible! First she’s just mean and also hypocritical, changing her views on non-clanborn cats depending on her mood, and bullying Violetshine. Then she became downright villainous, siding with Darktail on everything, even tricking Yarrowleaf and Tawnypelt and Leafstar and everycat just to get her revenge, her own selfish gain, and just to be more of the horrible cat she is. When I started reading Shattered Sky I honestly expected some sort of redemption from her, that she would change, like Needletail, who was almost as bad as Sleekwhisker in the first book of AVOS, but no, Sleekwhisker just got worse…and worse…and worse, and she’s just such a spoiled brat, which is my main problem with her, because I don’t really tend to count villains as my “least favorite characters” because I don’t mean evil cats who are just…well…evil. Her villainy just adds to her other issues.
10: Berryheart.
Oh my goodness—Berryheart! Just shows how perfectly normal characters can become horrible with the change of plot. I’m not gonna be surprised if she becomes downright evil before the end of A Starless Clan. She literally told one of her minions to tell Fringewhisker to give prey to SkyClan her former Clan just so she could have an reason to exile her!!!! That is just so mean and rude and unacceptable! I know she was actively trying to get the cats who switched Clans out of their new Clans, particularly ShadowClan which she would have the most control over. And I suppose the whole point of the tasks is to test the cats’ loyalty to their new Clans, but Berryheart just takes it too far. Even outside of the task she basically scapegoats these cats to get them kicked out. She also seems like the kind of mother who would like to control her kits’ lives to meet her exact expectations of them, as shown when she actively shoots down Spireclaw and Sunbeam for wanting to be with Fringewhisker and Nightheart respectively, to the point where Sunbeam grows increasingly uncomfortable in ShadowClan and wants to leave, which I know Berryheart will not act well too.
9: Yellowfang.
When she was alive she was fine I guess, I didn’t have much of an oppinion of her, but in StarClan she is just horrible! The way she treats Jayfeather, even demanding he awaken Cinderpelt’s spirit inside of Cinderheart, causing the latter a lot of trauma, out of Yellowfang’s selfishness, and then yelling at Jayfeather after, and the way she encourages StarClan’s and the living Clans’ divisions instead of doing anything about them. Since I know her and Jayfeather are similar in personality I really hope Jayfeather doesn’t end up like that in StarClan
8: Bluestar.
Bluestar, very obvious. Bluestar was mentally insane. When her mother died, she got depressed. When her sister died she got deppressed. Ok I understand she was mad with grief, but it took her too long, and the senior warriors had to step in both times, reminding her that she was acting like she didn’t care about the Clans, and why should they help take care of her if she didn’t contribute, for a very childish reason, this is so true. And then yet again when Tigerclaw betrays ThunderClan and tries to kill her she spends moons curled up in her den being depressed, and putting all this pressure on Fireheart. Oh, and we can’t forget how she went to war with StarClan and took it out on poor Brightpaw, an apprentice who went out to try impress Bluestar, by going to find out who was stealing prey at Snakerocks, because Bluestar was being unreasonable and not letting the apprentices have their warrior assessments, the only apprentice she made was Cloudtail because he didn’t believe in StarClan. Brightpaw got half of her face torn off by the Dog Pack, and Bluestar gave her the cruel name Lostface, so that everyone could remember what “StarClan did to take her away” or something like that and refusing to back down. And then there was that conflict she started with WindClan because she was determined to believe they were stealing prey even after her warriors (and apprentices!) found evidence of the Dog Pack, and even after Tallstar swore on so many things (This made me cry reading that part) Bluestar was still being so narrowminded in her decision to basically pretend like WindClan had done it, keeping an unnecessary watch on them, showing she didn’t really believe they were innocent.
7: Leopardstar.
I don’t dislike her for the same reason it seems most people do. This is because of her relationship with Tigerstar. And while I might dislike her a little bit for how she acted then, it was an honest mistake. Plenty of cats make honest mistakes. Her own successor, Mistystar, and Harestar made the honest mistake of following Ashfur. Clear Sky made the honest mistake in setting hostile boundaries and thrusting out cats who couldn’t contribute and…well…whatever else he did that everybody hates him for (I do feel a bit of sympathy for Clear Sky). What I really dislike her for, is how most notably shown in Leopardstar’s Honor, she is extremely battlehungry and when her father, Mudfur, who only means the best, advises her against these battles, she is determined to believe he doesn’t love her or think she’s special. That’s the most annoying part about her.
6: Onestar.
So, first Onewhisker goes out and mates with a kittypet without thinking about the consequences then rejects this kittypet into the Clan out of his own shame, because he only told her the good part of clan life and also getting close to her in the first place. Then, now as Onestar starts unwarranted battles against ThunderClan and Firestar for existing because he’s mad that his Clan is relying on ThunderClan (Which I don’t really blame him on, but still), and then is cowardly when facing Darktail up until the last moments, oh…and also he refused to provide ShadowClan with the herb needed to cure their serious sickness, won’t let them get it in any way, shape, or form, just because ShadowClan made an honest mistake. Not the best life, if you ask me—in fact, probably one of the worst ones.
5: Twigbranch.
Twigbranch is such a spoiled brat! She’s got it so much easier than her sister Violetshine. Violetshine was not only neglected by her foster mother and bullied by at least one of her Clanmates she was also thrust out into the world at a young age, and joined the Kin, left the Kin, had more issues with ShadowClan, rejoins the Kin, conspires against Darktail and watches her best friend murdered by a bunch of ruthless rogues, and just when she’s starting to find a peaceful life in SkyClan there’s more conflict between her Clan and ShadowClan, and she deals with it. Yet Twigbranch’s only problems were foster siblings and Jayfeather that didn’t like her (As a kit she was actually kinda cute), but she has a foster mother that cares for her, a good relationship with Alderheart, and not many problems in her life (Except for the ones she makes up). Yet, she whines about her apprentice, she whines about her mentor, her love interest, her life!
4: Dovewing.
Also very whiny. While her sister has it much harder then her she whines and whines, and runs away to Twolegplace when she finds out she’s expecting Tigerheart’s kits, instead of staying and facing her problems like a warrior. Not to mention she joins ShadowClan, then comes back and begs her old Clanmates for forgiveness. Even in Omen Of The Stars, she goes out in the middle of the night to meet with Tigerheart, without telling anyone, also, when Tigerheart is trespassing andshe’s the onlyone who can tell it’s him of courseshedoesn’t tellher Clanmates because made a promise madeapromise him and because she didn’t want her precious love interest getting in trouble.
2: Tigerheart.
Most of the time I don’t call him Tigerstar, just Tigerheart, but I’m still thinking of him as a leader. First he falls in love with Dovewing, and uses her to get info about ThunderClan and just tries to impress her, almost as if he wants her to be disloyal to her Clan. Then when Dovewing runs away, Tigerheart’s Clan needs him most he runs away to pursue a she-cat from a totally different Clan this shows him to be a disloyal and unreliable warrior. And then he started conflict with SkyClan because he changed his mind about accommodating them in his territory which was a good decision by the way, he was part of the reason SkyClan left the lake. He wasn’t too bad, I guess, in The Broken code but in A Starless clan he’s really bad. I’m wondering why TigerstarII was ressurrected after he was being a totally disloyal and unreliable warrior to his Clan, and didn’t resurrect Reedwhisker when his Clan needed him most, I’m sure StarClan has all sorts of lame excuses for that, but I’ll delve into that some other time. Tigerstar asks to help RiverClan, they decline, and he takes over them by force! So, not good Tigerstar, so not good!
2: goosefeather.
Goosefeather was ok and I felt sorry for him in Goosefeather’s Curse, but in Bluestar’s Prophecy, he was so bad. He was mentally insane and interpreting omens out of everything basically time and time again “interpreting” doom for ThunderClan. He caused Moonflower to get killed, and two innocent kits to die because of Tigerkit who he wanted to not live so refused to help him heal as a kit also Leopardfoot hedidn’t help her during her agonizing kitting for that reason. This is unacceptable. also, in case everybody’s forgotten, he was the one who caused Stormkit’s jaw to be broken which means he was the reason for Rainflowers cruelty instead of helping the kits like the Warrior Code says to do he got one gravely injured! Goosefeather is just a really bad character, this behavior above displayed by him is absolutely unacceptable!
Ok again before number one my honorable mentions: Dawnpelt, Tree, Berrynose, Spiderleg, Hawkfrost, Foxheart, Rainflower, Rowanstar, Nightstar, Breezepelt, Nightcloud, Silverstream, Millie
OK … wait for it…wait for it………
1: ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that Rock the one from the tunnels, who caused the death of so many cats, and changes his standards based on his mood…I have way too much to say about him. To find out more go read my article A Full Analysis Of Rock And Why He’s A Jerk.
Remember, this stuff is all my oppinion. I respect any you may have.
I hope you enjoyed my article! see y’all again soon!

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  • Great article! I personally only agree with half of this.
    I think Bristlefrost should have been placed higher and Jayfeather lower and I don’t like Firestar.
    I think Dovewing should have been placed lower even though she’s very whiny
    And I totally don’t agree with Twigbranch. She’s great!
    I don’t understand why silverstream and Millie are on the honorable mention in the least fave list.
    Also I don’t feel like Bluestar and Mothwing should be on the least fav list they should be in the no opinion list.
    But overall great article and I pretty much agree with the rest of the rankings.

  • I really liked it, I just don’t understand why everyone loves Firestar. He’s my least favourite, I it’s not to be different, I just really hate him

  • I totally don’t agree with Twigbranch being whiny in fact I think Violetshine should be on the least fav list cuz she is always envying Twigbranch, I also don’t agree with Dovewing cuz think about it, she was a young apprentice when she got her powers and she was all alone instead of Lionblaze and Jayfeather to discover her power. Other than that, I agree with everything else about the rankings, but I don’t get why Alderheart wasn’t in the fav list though.