[headshots of Breezepelt and Heathertail nuzzling]

Best to Worst Ships Ever by Polarpaw

Polarpaw lists their favourite ships from the series.

[headshots of Breezepelt and Heathertail nuzzling]
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[headshots of Breezepelt and Heathertail nuzzling]

Hey hey heyyy kitties! Today I am writing about the best to worst warrior ships EVER! Sit tight as we jump in!
(Minor Spoilers for OoTS

1: JayxHalf
YES. YOU HEARD ME> JayfeatherxHalf Moon. SO… let’s start off with HOW CUTE THIS SHIP IS! IT ISN’T AT ALL RUSHED AND IT IS SO HEARTBREAKING WHEN THE BIG ROCK JERKO COMES ALONG AND DESTROYS THEIR HOPES AND DREAMSSS OF BEING TOGETHER- sorry. I had to rant. But c’mon, this is soooo cute. I was devastated when they couldn’t be together. Half Moon was one of the first to welcome Jays Wing back from the tunnels! And she showed her affection subtly, but it was still there! This shows that Half Moon is a patient cat and cares deeply about Jayfeather (Jays Wing if you will) and is willing to wait for his sake. In other words, I love this ship!

Yup. You got me. Sorreltail and Brackenfur. These two lovebirds are SUPER sweet! They went through so much together and Brackenfur mourned deeply for Sorreltail when she died. :(((( Super duper sad. But this shows just how much Brackenfur loved Sorreltail! Plus, before they became mates they were flirting with each other basically all the time. IT WAS ADOOOORABLE! So ya! SorrelxBracken wins spot number two!

Now. This one gets a LOT of controversy. But I honestly like the ship even though I don’t like Turtle Tail. IMO, she was a brat to leave everything she had, including her long-time crush to go live a more comfortable life. Like :0. Then come crawling back? For what? Because a kittypet started abusing you? Like ok, nobody wants to be hurt but why did you go in the first place? Anyways, I still like this ship bc they would have THE CUTEST kits.

Cmon. I had to!

This ship has to be the most CONTROVERSIAL one YET> Im a fan of it! Breezepelt isn’t an abusive mate, it’s just his character! And personally, I’m starting to like him even though Im neutral on Heathertail. He loves their kits and Heathertail. Remember when Smokekit(haze) got kidnapped by Darktail? He was comforting his mate and even went on a patrol to find the kit and was ecstatic when

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  • Great article! I love almost all those ships!

  • I like briarxjay WAY better than half-moon. Jayfeather just cares so much about briarlight, and they are so sweet together.

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