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They really loved too much by Sparrowstrike

Sparrowstrike lists characters who had strong feelings of love for someone or something.

[a design of Ashfur smiling]
Art by firemoon9
[a design of Ashfur smiling]

There is a lot of cats in Warriors that loved too much and did everything for their family and friends. So here is the TOP 10 list of the cats who loved too much.

10. Ashfur—> Even though he is a villain, i like him so much, and i agree with Yellowfang, he only loved too much. I think he would have been a better mate for Squirrelflight.

9. Spottedleaf—-> She died very early, but in the short time she and Firestar spent together, they grew very close. Even after her death, she helped Firestar and didn’t become jealous when he chosed Sandstorm as his mate. And in the Great Battle, she sacraficed herself to save Sandstorm, because she knew how much she meant to Firestar.

8. Clear Sky—>I have divided feelings about Clear Sky. He is technically not a villain, but in the first three books in the Dawn of The Clans arc, he is acting much like a villain than a hero. But let’s see what got him there: his sister, Fluttering Bird died of hunger, and two of his beloved mates are dead(he thinks both of these deaths were his fault). So let’s be a little more forgiving to Clear Sky, he just wanted to protect the cats he cared for.

7. Leopardstar—> If you read Leopardstar’s Super Edition, than you know how much she suffered before she became leader. First of all, her mother died when she was born, so she never knew her. And she loved her Clan so much that she sacraficed her happiness with Frogleap to become deputy. And with that, she gave up having a mate and kits.

6. Bluestar—> I don’t like her, but i have to admit that she was a hero. She loved her Clan so much that she made her decision: she gave up her kits so she can be the deputy. She saved her clan from Thistleclaw who propably would have destroyed Thunderclan.

5. Feathertail—>The silver cat from the prophecy. She died a very heroic death. She saved the Tribe cats, whom she only know for a few sunrises! And she saved her WindClan love, even though she knew they propably won’t be mates because of them being in different Clans.

4. Silverstream and Graystripe—>Their relationship was forbidden, but their love found it’s way through the Warrior Code and the Clans. Their rom

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  • Aww, it got cut off! It was so good!
    But I disagree with the Ashfur thing, because of everything that happened in the Broken Code
    Honestly, Squirrelflight shouldn’t have a mate at all, both options were horrible. Ashfur was so obsessed with Squirrelflight that he tried to destroy everything she loved, & thought that she would want to be with him after. Like, that’s really dumb. StarClan should have never let him in, if they’re so all-knowing and powerful, they would have realized he literally tried to k!ll Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, & Lionblaze, & sent him to he Dark Forest.
    But still, great article!

    • Emberpaw/fang//✨Looking for a Mentor✨//Tribe name: Embers of a Lion's Fang//Ember, Emb, Fangz, Embz, Embie, or Emberz// Hamilton, Harry Potter, and Soccer LOVER!//she/her says:

      I think Shrewpaw would’ve been the best mate actually :3

      • 🔆Lightpaw/burn🔆//Tribe name: Ray of Burning Light//Looking for a Mentro//Pronouns she/her🔆 says:

        yesssssss ShrewSquirrel would have been the best

  • I remember the first one, Thrushpelt was the TOP 1.

  • Flamepaw/spirit the Hamilton addict ||✨ Ospreysplash's awesome apprentice!! ✨|| She/her ||🔥 Arson is life 🔥|| Dawn Spirit Blazing like Flame || 💖 Happy Disability Pride Month! 💖 says:

    Cool article!! Sorry it got cut off :c I agree with the Ashfur one!! I ship Ash x Squirrel 😛

  • The problem you aren’t addressing here is the fact that Ashfur WAS abusive. He would get angry when things wouldn’t go his way. He wouldn’t let Squirrelflight have any agency. He almost murdered Squirrelflight’s children, and he later possessed her husband, and tried to convince her he was Bramblestar. Ashfur is obsessed with her, and not in a good way. He’s a terrible choice, but it’s easy to see the opposite because Bramblestar isn’t great either. The point is, Ashfur is bad, Yellowfang’s excuse was just that, an excuse, and an awful one at that.

  • Ariespaw (Spiri/Lumi/Lem, xenogender hoarder/pangender, It/she/they/he, any neopronouns, aroace) says:

    Ashfur didn’t “love too much”, he nearly killed Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, and I’m pretty sure he helped Hawkfrost take out one of Firestar’s 9 lives, although I might be misremembering. Also just, the entire Broken Code arc. Tbh, Crowpaw explained what I’m trying to say a lot better, so yeah.

  • Ahhhh it was cut off. I agree though, other than Ashfur. His ‘love’ was OBSESSON.

  • Amazing article! I personally think ashfur’s a jerk, but that’s just me. Leopardstar is amazing!

  • They did love too much, but at least it caused interesting drama!

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