[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]

Giveing Wednesday characters Warrior names by Dapplewish

Dapplewish gives warrior names to characters from Wednesday.

[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]
[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]

Hi Blogclanners! This is Dapplewish here and today I want to give Wednesday characters warrior names! There is major spoilers for Wednesday! Let’s dive right in!

First we have the star of the show… Wednesday! She is a Raven and shares a room with Enid. She never wanted to come to Nevermore but she has no where else to go. Here there is something in the woods that is hurting people so she needs to find out. At the same time Tyler likes her, and they get closer and kiss. Now when this kiss is happening Wednesday has a vision that Tyler is the Hyde that is hurting people. She tries to tell everyone but no one listens, especially the police (and one of them is his dad.) But she proves everyone wrong and shows that Tyler is the Hyde. But Wednesday is a little reserved, not wanting to show her true self to someone, mysterious, and brave. She also dresses in black most of the time so for her prefix I would have it be Dark for the way she dresses and how she acts and for her suffix I would have it be moon because moons are usually white and she dresses in black, showing that she is mysterious and how she is different than other people.

Now we Enid! Enid is the roommate of Wednesday and almost the complete opposite of her. Enid likes tons of colors, fun pop songs, giving hugs, and being kind and open to all. She is not that close to her parents and she is a werewolf but she has not wolfed out yet, making her feel left out. She tries to be a good friend to Wednesday despite all she has done to her. But she and Wednesday get in a fight and Enid ends up moving out of the room, but don’t worry, she comes back after a few days. Let’s advance a bit this will be the scene when everyone finds out that Tyler is the Hyde. She is out in the woods and wolfs out, (that means she turns from a human to a werewolf.) At the same time Wednesday is out in the woods getting attacked by Tyler (aka the Hyde) and she jumps in and takes the Hyde on. Now she did that for Wednesday and she could of died, that shows how much of a kind person she is. I would have her prefix be Flower, they are bright with colors and so is she and her suffix would be Heart, she is so kind.

I would do more but sadly, I have no time. Let me know what you think of the names or the names you would pick! Dapplewish out!

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