[a simple design of Ivypool walking and looking over her shoulder]

Should Ivypool Become Deputy? by Mistypool

Mistypool wonders if Ivypool should become deputy.

Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)
[a simple design of Ivypool walking and looking over her shoulder]

Hello! I’m Misty, some of you may know me, and yeah, I poofed, for like, a year- Welp I’m getting back into Warriors so- I’M BACK! And discussing my favorite character, Ivypool! And the question, when we get Squirrelstar- Will we get Ivypool as deputy? I think yes. Akira made good points, how we might get a Super Edition for her in 2024- my Golden Birthday! After Riverstar of course. Love to see more RIverClan. So first I’d like to disclose how I like the series so far. I so far, likes the first book, hated the second, and have a love-hate relationship with the new one! I hate Berryheart so fricking much, and hated Tigerstar sometimes. But I am now going to be catching up on Warrior Cats, as I have gotten newer books, and this series is really good, like that our little RIbverClan protagonist said, “Screw healing I want to fight in wars.” Way to switch things up crew! No more medicine cats- unless she switches back- she better not. Now lets get into- who else could become Deputy?

Sorry, but no. Lionblaze is a liked- ish- character, but, is kind of boring and already had a leadership esk moment, and I don’t think he was very good- still need to get all of Broken Code- forgot to look for those books- Anyways, Lionblaze is a strong character, but I don’t think Squirrelflight would be that biased.

I like this idea- but I don’t think she would be a good flick. I don’t see her having great leadership qualities as her sister does.

No. Just. No. That would be pushing Firestar’s legacy- AGAIN!

I like this option again, but alas, we don’t have enough of her character to know how she would lead.

The only viable option- is Ivypool. She is strong, and has good leadership qualities, and as Akira points out, could maybe have a Super Edition in 2024, which I hope! So, in all, I hope that Ivypool, will get her deserved Deputy position, and Super Edition.

I’m Mistypool, see yall later. Byeeeeeee.

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  • Great article. Either Ivypool or Cinderheart should be deputy.

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