[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]

Why Sunbeam and Nightheart are Different From Bristlefrost and Rootspring by Sunflight

Sunflight compares Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s relationship with Sunbeam and Nightheart’s relationship.

[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]
Art by QueenBluestar
[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]

Hi! It’s Sunflight and I’m here to defend Sunbeam and Nightheart. I don’t know why, but I have been seeing a bunch of hate towards Sun x Night. Mostly saying, “It will be a repeat of Bristlefrost and Rootspring.” I, for one, disagree (btw, all my opinion, not trying to go against anyone!). Here’s why.


The Difference In The Stories

In the beginning, Sunbeam and Nightheart’s relationship has been between their mission together and gatherings. Nightheart clearly likes Sunbeam and she seems to feel the same. This is different from Bristlefrost and Rootspring because Bristlefrost didn’t feel the same way at all.

Later, Nightheart is entirely willing to leave ThunderClan and join ShadowClan for Sunbeam – and he does. Rootspring, on the other hand, didn’t feel prepared to do the same until they entered the Dark Forest, which turned out to be too late.

When Nightheart leaves ShadowClan, Sunbeam is prepared to follow him back to ThunderClan. Bristlefrost was never ready to leave her clan for Rootspring, even if he was ready to for her.

Why They Won’t End The Same Way

You still might be asking, “But what if one of them dies? Then it is a repeat!” Well, they won’t. That isn’t just me hoping, but I know they won’t have there relationship meet the same sad end. I have two reasons:

It wouldn’t make sense.
Why would Erin Hunter set up 3 cats to act as ‘detectives’ for one or more to die halfway through? Sunbeam, Nightheart, and Frostpaw all are the main characters who are trying to stop the evil. And I can think of only two books in all of Warriors where the main character dies from their perspective – Graywing’s and Bristlefrost’s death. This is because most people don’t like to lose a beloved character.

They ALREADY have gone better.
They already have managed to switch clans for eachother and formally agreed that they are going to be mates. I don’t know what this means to you, but to me, this makes there story already different from Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you have a wonderful day! Bye!

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