Changing cat’s names with better ones by Bloodynight

Bloodynight changes the names of some characters from the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

In this article I’m going to change some names I think are confusing or repeated.
Let’s get started with the names I find confusing.
This is for me the most confusing name in Warrior cats,tawny is a colour (a type of brown I think) it’s also an owl and a bird that is only found in Tasmania (I don’t think warrior cats live there).
I think that Tawnypelt is named after the owl or that Goldenflower wanted to have a tawny coloured kit and she didn’t had one so she put Tawnypelt that name.
‘No! I didn’t had a tawny kit this is so sad,well it doesn’t matter if I put my daughter the name of Tawnykit no one will notice that she isn’t tawny after all when Blackfoot was a kit no one noticed he wasn’t black.’Goldenflower thinking in the Novella Goldenflower’s names ideas.(Just kidding this Novella doesn’t exist)
I have a better name for Tawnypelt ,Maplepatch.
Maple because of her ginger patches are like a maple leaf in leaf-fall 🍁and patch because she has patches.
First of all I always thought that Redtail was a she-cat not a tom,tortie cats are she-cats.
If you read his name and didn’t know anything about his you will think of a white cat with a red tail.
My name for him is:
Darkblaze.Dark because he is dark brown or black and blaze because of his dark ginger patches and tail.
Gorse is a spicky yellow flower is yellow 🌼, yellow not gray.
Why is Gorsetail named Gorsetail?She is gray and white not golden or cream and she doesn’t have spicky fur like Gorse fur.Another mother that named the kit before it was born.
Anyway Graytail would be the most normal name but it’s very common so l will name her Hurricanestep hurricane because she is from WindClan and because hurricanes are gray and step because she has a gray and white foot.
There are lots of RiverClan cats that are called Reed something (7 besides Reedwhisker).
Reedwhisker doesn’t have anything in common with a reed(he isn’t a plant) only that he is from RiverClan but there are more names that represent RiverClan like the prefix Ripple- or the suffix -fish.
I think that Reedwhisker needs a name that represent his black pelt and loyalty to RiverClan and that name is Sootybrook Sooty for his black pelt and Brook because if I don’t put something related to RiverClan Mistystar will kill me and say that she and Leopardstar named him better.
Cora is a black she-cat.Cora is like Coral 🪸 and if l had a cat that is ginger or tortie l will call her Cora but not a black cat.
I will call her something black hmm,Black!
What a perfect name.
Onestar’s warrior name is very confusing.First of all he hasn’t have whiskers in the ultimate guide and in his super edition he has 18 (if I counted well) so his name should be or Nowhisker or Eighteenwhiskers but this names doesn’t fit him.
I’m going to name him Ambereyes amber because his eyes are amber and eyes because his eyes are amber not his whiskers.
Now repeated names
1.Whitetail🤍,Whitetail⚪️and White Tail⬜️(I’m putting the emojis so we can distinguish them)
Wow,three cats with the most basic name of Warrior Cats.
Let’s change Whitetail’s ⚪️ name to a better one.
As always the random cat that was passing by named her Whitekit because he had no imagination and didn’t bother to see the kit who was gray.
I will call her Smallmist Small because she gave a life to Tigerstar for understanding that size isn’t everything and -mist because she is gray not white if you haven’t noticed.I will let Whitetail be Whitetail because she’s white and White Tail be called White Tail because his tail is white.
2.Robinwing🌳,Robinwing🌬️,Robinwing⚡️ and Robinwing💦.
Yay!Four cats with the same name how convenient.
Let’s start with Robinwing🌳 what we know is that Robinwing is a tom but on Vicky’s Facebook he is short-furred,light brown and has green eyes so l’m going to call him Paleleaf pale because he is light brown and light brown is a pale colour and leaf because he has green eyes.
Let’s continue with Robinwing🌬️ another light brown cat but a she-cat with blue eyes Fallowfrost fallow because she is the colour of the fallow deer and frost because of her blue eyes.
Now Robinwing⚡️a dusky brown she-cat with amber eyes and more details I don’t want to write I will call her Doedusk doe because she is brown and dusk because she is dark brown and to end the Robinwings:Robinwing💦 a tortie and white tom TORTIE TOM how can a tom be tortie toms can’t be tortie l don’t understand this 😭😭 anyway l’m going to call him Otterspots otter because he’s brown and from RiverClan and spots because he has spots.
3.Frecklewish⚡️and Frecklewish🌳
Frecklewish⚡️will be Spottedgorse spotted because she’s spotted and gorse because she is golden and Frecklewish🌳 will be Wrenseed wren because she is like a wren and seed because she is a medicine cat.
4.Milkfur🌬️,Milkfur💦🍃 and Milkfur💦
Milkfur is a cream tom,I thought that he could be named Creambreeze cream because he is cream and l like cream so he is cream and breeze because he’s from WindClan and l don’t know anything about him.Milkfur💦🍃 is white and gray tabby she-cat that was named Milkfur because whoever who named her didn’t have any idea of how the cats in warriors were named so he/she named her Milkfur like her mother.I will call Milkfur💦🍃 Dacelight dace because she is a RiverClan cat and cats of RiverClan need a RiverClan name and light
because she is black 100% no fake.
And Milkfur💦 is going to be Icestream Ice 🧊 because she is white with blue eyes and stream because of the RiverClan names thing.
If you want to change a Warrior Cat ‘s name to a better one write it down in the comment bellow.
Hope you liked it🙃

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