Official reprinted cover art of Dawn of the Clans by Owen Richardson

The problem in dawn of the clans by Poppypaw

Poppypaw highlights a problem in Dawn of the Clans.

Official reprinted cover art of Dawn of the Clans by Owen Richardson
Official reprinted cover art of Dawn of the Clans by Owen Richardson

DISCLAIMER: this article is not meant to criticize the Erins and I do not condone any unacceptable behavior because of this problem. This is just to shed light on common problems that are usually not mentioned.
if you have NOT read dawn of the clans or if the problem with gender in dawn of the clans does not peak your interest I recommend you skip this article.
Hello for those of you who are still here. This is a problem that is more or less overlooked in the warriors fandom. Look at these most mentioned she-cats and then see the pattern for yourself.

Storm has a brief friendship with graywing and mates with clearsky. She then has his kits but DIES and her identity in the rest of the series is clearskys dead mate and thunders mother and otherwise she has no personality except dead

One of the most infamous shecats in DOTC is starflower. At first she is an interesting character who backstabbed thunder and is oneyes daughter. After meeting clearsky she almost instantly has his kits and becomes a sidequest stereotypical damsel in destress and a kit and mate become her life. Starflower had so much potential but instead became the common she-cat with a mate and kits.

Holly is a prickly, outspoken she-cat. At first it looked like we could have our first kit free young RELEVANT(in both tall shadow does not qualify) she-cat. But then Holly becomes mates with jagged peak and has his kits and her only occupation is mate and kits after that. All the potential that she had was thrown out the window😔

Windrunner is a lively she-cat but in DOTC she has kits and then is mistrustful overprotective mother of 2 kits. This is somewhat corrected in moth flights vision but nether the less DOTC gives her an irreversible image that no super editions or novellas could fix.

I am begging the Erins to give the she-cats justice y’all and I know that it was for the plot but it is a tom-denominated arc and definitely kits kits kits for the she-cats. Again no hate for the Erins and I am aware that the ghost writers are all women.

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