[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

How my opinion on Bristlefrost changed by Dapplewish

Dapplewish shares their opinion of Bristlefrost.

[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]
Art by BeintingOwo
[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

Hey Blogclanners! This is Dapplewish and I want to talk about how my opinion on Bristlefrost changed! Let’s dive right in.

So in the beginning of Spotfur’s novella while Spotfur was cleaning out Bramblestar’s nest because she got in trouble Bristlekit went right up to her and said how she wanted to be just like her. And this really touched me, I was like aww she is going to grow up to be a great warrior.

Skipping ahead now she had a crush on Stemleaf, Spotfur’s mate and she was always trying to get his attention. Now then I thought she was being annoying, because she knew he was already taken. And when she admits to Stemfur that she liked him after her warrior ceremony Stemleaf rejects her and the next morning when she was asked to hunt she said that she had to get a thorn out of her nest and everyone was looking at her and thinking, that is no excuse not to go hunting.

Now I really start not liking her when she replaces Squirrelflight for kind of being deputy when imposter Bramblestar (Ashfur) arrives. She rats out all her clanmates doing stuff that breaks the code and she is getting the reputation of being imposter Bramblestar’s spy. When Spotfur and Stemleaf host a meeting with other cats from other Clans she is in the bushes watching the meeting while they talk about imposter Bramblestar. She steps on something and everyone yells, knowing that she is Bramblestar’s spy. But she says to them how she noticed that something was wrong with him.

A few days later Spotfur, Stemleaf, and a few other cats are going to lure imposter Bramblestar out in the open of ThunderClan territory and attack him. Well they did attack him and Bramblestar said to Bristlefrost to get help for him and she does! Stemleaf and a few others get killed and it leaves Spotfur devastated.

Now skipping to the Dark Forest where Bristlefrost, Shadowsight, and Rootspring are I love her! She is SO nice and caring and in the books while trying to save Rootspring from being attacked she launches herself into the battle! And yes, they do love each other. She is also seen trying to help the spirt cats that have been stuck in the Dark Forest when they should of been in StarClan.

And at the very end a battle happens and the Dark water that had been drowning cats is all around them. But when Shadowsight blacks out and Ashfur is about to kill him she fights Ashfur, getting Shadowsight free and she kills Ashfur, but dies herself too.

From hating her to loving her, she is my 2 favorite character now! She is so kind and caring, she died saving the Clans and her friend. Thank you for reading this and let me know your opinion on Bristlefrost! Dapplewish out!

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