[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]

Rating TPB ships by Skypaw and Duskkit

Skypaw and Duskkit rates ships from the first arc.

[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]
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[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]

Skyshimmer: Hey guys! Skyshimmer here, and today I will be rating Warriors ships out of 10 with my sister Duskpetal! Hope you enjoy! This is my third/fourth article (I’ve lost count) and it’s Duskpetal’s first article! Let’s begin!

Ship 1: CloudXBright (Cloudtail and Brightheart)

Skyshimmer: *Clears throat* I would rate this ship 7/10, because even though it isn’t my favourite ship, it’s clear that they love each other a lot. When Brightpaw is attacked by dogs, Cloudpaw obviously cared for her lots, and he protested when Bluestar wanted to name her Lostface. Long story short, this ship is great, and it definitely is true love.

Duskpetal: I would rate this ship an 8/10 because of the same reasons as Skyshimmer (I am sorry I don’t know what to say here) but I actually like the ship a lot unlike her.

Skyshimmer: *Face palms in corner*

Ship 2: GrayXSilver (Graystripe and Silverstream)

Duskpetal: I rate this ship a 10/10 because it’s my absolute favourite ship! I like how at first Silverstream insulted Graystripe but then they fell in love, and Graystripe was so devastated when Silverstream died, but their kits turned out fine in the end.

Skyshimmer: I rate this ship an 8/10 because it’s an amazing ship, and their first interactions were fun to read, but I don’t like how Graystripe fought his best friend and disobeyed the Warrior Code because of a crush. I just… don’t like.

Ship 3: SandXFire (Sandstorm and Firestar)

Duskpetal: I rate this ship a 7/10 because it’s a reasonable ship, though I don’t like it that much. I do like that Sandstorm hated Firestar when he joined the clan, but they become friends, and eventually mates!

Skyshimmer: I’d rate this ship a 5/10 because even though they love each other, I feel like her crush on Firestar made Sandstorm less interesting. At least she gets her time to shine in AVoS, but the rest of the time it’s just Firestar, Firestar and Firestar.

Skyshimmer: Thanks for reading, and may StarClan light your path!

Duskpetal: This is my very first article, so comment down below if I did good for my first time! Bye!

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