[Speckletail grooms Snowkit while laying down]

Completely Random Overrated or Underrated Warriors by Amberpaw

Amberpaw lists and rates some characters from the series.

[Speckletail grooms Snowkit while laying down]
Art by climbdraws (tumblr)
[Speckletail grooms Snowkit while laying down]

Hello, BlogClanners! Amberpaw here! So, this was inspired by Silv’s article where she gives warrior cats and says whether or not they are overrated or underrated and why she thinks that! But I thought, the wiki has a feature where you are brought to a random cat, so I thought, what if I did Overrated or Underrated but I did it using COMPLETELY random cats? The only time I will change the cat is if I don’t know them bc I haven’t got that far, or I do know them but I can’t make a fair judgment bc I haven’t read their SE/novella. (Like Tallstar, which is why I’m putting in this rule)
Okay, let’s go!!
Also, one of the times I rolled this I got… a twoleg?! Does anyone know anything about that?

Speckletail: UNDERRATED!
Speckletail had to go through a lot of unjust treatment. I believe that she was a permanent queen, and her last kit was Snowkit. The Clan was really harsh in the way they broke the news to her. They didn’t even bother telling her about the way Snowkit couldn’t be a warrior gently, or tried to find a better place for him, and when she tried to teach him they just laughed at him. (Kudos to Brackenfur for helping!)
And then- when Snowkit died, nobody grieved with her. They just shoved her up in the elders den, trying to pretend like it never happened. I hate that! Nobody (I think) came to check on her to see if she was okay until they shoved Brightpaw in the elder’s den too.
So I guess she’s underrated because the Clans themselves view her as underrated?! But also, I feel like everybody just casually slides past her! Everybody discusses Snowkit but barely ever talk about Speckletail, who felt the pain of his disability almost as much as Snowkit. (Also, I’m confused- because on the wiki he’s called Featherkit- what’s up with that?)

Willowshine: UNDERRATED!
I don’t have much to say about her except for the fact that I’ve always liked her! She seems so sweet and I love her friendship with Hollyleaf which died of after the second book.
She’s underrated because she’s never really talked about! I guess she doesn’t really need much talking about, but she’s always been really nice.

Willowkit… died. She never said anything, or did anything. It was sad that she died, of course! It’s sad when all kits die. But she never really had any real importance except being part of Mapleshade’s Evil Plan.
It was sweet how she was named after her mother, though!

Darkstripe OVERRATED (by the DF)
Darkstripe, to me, had always been weedy and weak, clinging onto the strongest cat in hope for protection. He’s probably the most cowardly cat in all the Clans.
He was too cowardly to go with Tigerclaw when he was exiled, even though Tigerclaw was his closest friend and protector! He was so one-sided and selfish.
But, the dark forest were making him out to be some sort of hero (villain?)!! Seriously, they gave him such a better role than he deserves.

Hollyleaf(oh no): PERFECTLY RATED!
Hollyleaf is really controversial! Half the fandom loves her but half thinks she’s the spawn of the Dark Forest. I think she was an amazing character, but she had a lot of flaws. I’ve already made an article about her, and honestly I didn’t make this article to talk about controversial characters, so here you go. Hollyleaf should not have powers by Amberpaw – BlogClan

Greystripe: OVERRATED! (Runs)
Greystripe was almost as bad as a father to his second litter as Millie was! He was never ever there for them! He never tried to help Briarlight that we saw, and kinda just distanced himself from his kits. As much as I loved him in TPB, he really annoyed me from PoT and after.

You know what, I think I’m gonna end it there as I’ve gotten distracted but I think I’ve got a pretty good emount? Imount? Amount? Sorry, my brain just broke on me :p. I think I’ve got a pretty good amount written. Let me know if you want a part two!

Amberpaw, out.

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  • Great article! Thunderclan WAS pretty insensitive in TPB and TNP!

  • I think my least favorite scene in all of Warriors is the Snowkit + Eagle (or was it a hawk?) one. No matter how loud you shout, A DEAF CAT WILL NOT HEAR YOU. The ONLY cats in the ENTIRE CLAN that actually tried to save him were Speckletail and Fireheart (and possibly Brackenfur). Imagine a deaf kit in the middle of the camp, unprotected. Literally everyone knows he’s deaf and cannot hear them but simply yells at him. Speckletail and Fireheart, however, actually had working brains, unlike CERTAIN cats (coughEVERYONEcough) and that is one of the reasons why Speckletail has made it onto my 15 favorite Warriors characters list! 🙂

  • What about Briarlight? Briarlight is totally overrated and shipped with Jayfeather for no reason and no affection and it just ticks me off!