[Tree chats with Violetshine on a yellow background]

My opinions on some ships! by Rosefern

Rosefern shares their opinions on some ships from the series.

[Tree chats with Violetshine on a yellow background]
Art by Silverzoul
[Tree chats with Violetshine on a yellow background]

Hey Kitties! Today I’m gonna be talking about the ships I have an opinion on, going from Dawn Of The Clans, all the way to A Starless Clan. So let’s get right to it!
Gray X Turtle.
I actually don’t like this, you see how when Turtle Tail starts visiting Bumble in Twolegplace, Gray Wing gets mad at her, saying she doesn’t belong with Twolegs…. This is pretty much he wants to bend her to his will, and he’ll only like her if she’s a certain way. If it was true love, sure Gray Wing would’ve been disappointed TT was leaving but not yelled at her.
Gray X Slate.
I love this so much. No other words for it: just love it, so developed, wonderful, awesome, I don’t have any more words for it. This is my favorite ship in the entire series.
Sky X Star.
So I may be alone on this opinion but … well Clear Sky gets too much hate. He’s not good, but he’s not really bad. And I actually admire Star Flower. And they’re just so awesome together! Clear Sky actually loved Star Flower, and his kits with her, he obviously didn’t care about Storm enough to care for her kits, so Clear Sky belongs with Star Flower way better!
Maple X Apple.
So Appledusk cheated on his mate that’s sorta a bad sign…..But, Mapleshade taking her kits to RiverClan, and when she’s disappointed by what she sees, she kills a cat. When someone wants to do the right thing by telling the clan, she kills them. When she’s just mad at someone, she kills them!!!! No, just no.
Love this! Willowbreeze saw through Crookedjaw’s … well crooked jay, mangled face, that his own mother Rainflower was cruel enough to rename him for, to the sweet, confident, loyal cat inside. This is just such a nice bond!!!!! I love it so much!
Yellow X Ragged.
I don’t even have words to describe Raggedpelt … rude? … selfish? Unlikeable? Maybe. He is a very bad mate, that’s all I have to say.
Blue X Oak.
No way! Just no. I don’t like this at all, just how it led Bluestar leading her kits through a freaking snowstorm to RiverClan. That’s just pure disloyalty.
Fire X Spotted.
So, I love Firestar, and like Spottedleaf, but, oh, well, they do not belong together. Litterally they literally didn’t have much interaction when Spottedleaf was alive, only when she was dead. This is just gross. Gross, gross, gross!
Gray X Silver.

So, we all know the drill: Silverstream saves Graystripe’s rump when he nearly drowns, and just like that Graystripe falls in love with her. They then proceed to meet in secret, when Firestar confronts Graystripe about this Graystripe attacks him!!!!! And in that battle at the end of Fire Of Ice Graystripe literally pressures Fireheart to be disloyal to his clan for Silverstream. Not ok, Graystripe not ok. This ship is not cool, I do not like it.
Bright X Cloud.
I love this! Cloudtail loved Brightheart all the way, even after her face got ripped off, Bluestar took her anger with StarClan out on her, and even when Cloudtail could get in trouble for it she pulled through he kept helping Brightheart regain her confidence, self-esteem, and awesome new battle moves! And Brightheart…oh Brightheart, she was such a good sport through it all!!!! Yay!
Fire X Sand.
Ok, I agree they are awesome together, but just the path these two cats walked to be together, that’s just not worth it. When Firestar is friends with someone in love with a RiverClan warrior, she gets mad. When he wants to help a loner or a kittypet, she gets mad. When he seems to have feelings for Spottedleaf she gets mad. When he does something she doesn’t like, she. Gets. Mad. This only seemed like the type of love that wanted Fireheart/star to be this certain way that she likes. I don’t like that.
Leaf X Crow.
So, Leafpool wants Crowfeather because she’s jealous of her Clanmates that get to have mates. Crowfeather wants Leafpool because she reminds him of Feathertail. Not the best reasons, if you ask me. Leafpool knows she can’t do it because she’s a medicine cat, and Crowfeather just pushes and pushes. And then in PoT when Leafpool and her kits need him most, what does he do? Desserts her, because he doesn’t feel like getting his own paws dirty. This ship is really not true love.
Squilf X Bramble.
I don’t like this at all. Bramblestar is such a bad mate, getting mad whenever things don’t go exactly his way. Seriously this happens over and over! And Squilf isn’t the best mate either. She’s pushy and bossy and just annoying.
Lion X Heather.
Now I really don’t like this one because Heathertail just wouldn’t make a good mate. Cuz Lionblaze and Heathertail met in the tunnels at night every night as apprentices, and as soon as Lionblaze realized he was becoming disloyal, and told Heathertail he wanted to stop she got mad at him, for, like forever. Ugh.
Dove X Tiger.
I do not ship this in slightest. So it starts off with Dovepaw, an apprentice, who has a lot of her own things to worry about, meeting Tigerheart, then Tigerheart falling in love with her and basically following her around until she love him back. Not ok. Then, even after Dovewing says no, Tigerheart does it again—following her around and pleading for forgiveness, and then they finally get together Tigerheart runs away from his Clan when they need him most (Major disloyalty) to find a she-cat from a totally different Clan, and after Dovewing comes back to ShadowClan, Tigerheart doesnt even listen to her about there kits! Not cool, Tigerheart, not cool.
Lion X Cinder.
This one I have mixed feelings on. Some might think Cinderheart would make a bad mate, because she didn’t see through Lionblaze’s power to the cat he was inside, she just saw what she thought would be a distraction, or that she would be a distraction to, whatever. I don’t think so, though! That was just one little mixup and it wasn’t the big problem? The big problem? Lionblaze is too pushy. As you all probably can tell Cinderheart was traumatized by the revelation that she was Cinderpelt, and was pretty ..disumm…disorganized and anxious?…Maybe, but ya instead of respecting her decisions and/or helping her like a good mate he’s just really pushy, like those toms I’m starting to get used to.
Twig X Fin
I liked this a lot until The Raging Storm. Twigbranch just really wanted to help Finleap after he pretty much just lost his tail. but in The Raging Storm she whines to him about all her issues and doesn’t listen to his advice and instead of just kindly telling him she’s not ready to have kits yet, she snaps at him, and then gets all upset that Finleap is mad at her, without doing much about it for a while. So different from her sister, which brings me too….
Violet X Tree.
So I know Violetpaw didn’t like Tree at first she found him annoying, but she started liking him, good development. One thing I really like about this ship, is how determined Violetshine was to get Tree accepted and tried really hard for it, through thick and thin. She is such a good mate!!!
Bristle X Root.
This is one of the only cross-clan relationships I actually like. The two aren’t pressuring to each other or to their Clanmates about the ship, which I’ve noticed happens a lot, and also it’s not made in a way that is super disloyal. Also, developed, and heartwarming, I just really wanted to see how it ended up and then Bristlefrost diiiieeeed!!!!! Not very happy about that, I don’t think anyone really paid attention to this but Bristlefrost’s vision, right bf she died, her and Rootspring having kits…that was their destiny. Before Bristlefrost died that was StarClan’s plan for her. This shows how they truly belong together.
Night X Sun.
I like it so far. Again, Nightheart and Sunbeam, not pressuring, and relating to each other, but we’ll have to see.
That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my article. Remember this is just my opinion. Feel free to put your own in the comments!

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