Onestar’s Confession Review by Tigerflame

Tigerflame reviews Onestar’s Confession.

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Onestar’s Confession was one of the biggest disappointments in the entire Warriors saga. Let’s go through everything that went wrong:
1. Melody and Brushpaw. Even at the beginning of the book, you could tell that the kittypets would never be warriors because you never saw them in the allegiances in the first and second books. I guess the point of having them come to WindClan was so that Onepaw would meet Smoke, but there are many other ways that Onepaw could have met Smoke, like getting lost in Twolegplace and needing help from Smoke. Besides, Melody left to go back to Twolegplace, Brushpaw died, and Bailey went back to Twolegplace, and then it was like they never even existed.
2. Random Timeskips. Okay, this was really messed up. The first few chapters were in chronological order, but after that they completely skipped WindClan’s exile, Onewhisker’s friendship with Firestar, and one of the biggest battles of the clans: the BloodClan battle. One chapter was Onewhisker as a new warrior, and then the next chapter was him seeing Firestar as ThunderClan’s leader, entirely skipping everything else in the Prophecies Begin arc. Also, they skipped Whitetail as Onewhisker’s apprentice, most of the relationship with Smoke, the entire Power of Three arc, and most disappointingly, the Great Battle in Omen of the Stars.
3. Stagleap and Wrenflight’s Deaths. I’ve seen a lot of reviews about this book, but they never mentioned this: Stagleap and Wrenflight seemed to have died in The New Prophecy arc, but they were never in the allegiances before that. To further prove that, Wrenflight died of sickness from the tainted rabbits, but Tallstar never reported that. Stagleap died of a rat bite shortly after, and none of that was ever mentioned in the first and second arc.
4. Onestar’s Littermates. In The Prophecies Begin arc, Onewhisker seems like a young warrior, and Ashfoot seems much older by comparison because she has a kit. But, in Onestar’s Confession, Onestar, Ashfoot, and Morningflower are littermates. It doesn’t make much sense because of the seemingly large age gap between them.
5. The Dialogue. The timeskips were bad enough, but the mention of the timeskips was even worse because when Whitetail becomes Onewhisker’s mate, they mention that she was once his apprentice in a poorly written passage, never actually showing her apprenticeship, which I think would have made the story a bit more interesting. Also, I’ve realized that they hardly mentioned Smoke in the story, only as someone compelled by Onewhisker’s stories, and then suddenly she’s expecting his kits. The dialogue is very vague in this story and it just needs more DETAIL.

Please be aware that this is just MY OPINION on this (horrible) book.

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