The Mini Monthly – Fifth Edition

The fifth edition of the Blog Monthly is here – written by Lil, fresh off the printing press

Hiya, everyone!! Doing a mini-monthly just to cover some news!! Holding off on features, NTA/Rotation Updates, and all that jazz for August’s edition! I hope you enjoy 😀

We had a lot of changes going on recently (including in a lot of moderator’s nicknames :p) and so we’ll cover all of that here!


July was the end of our wonderful Deputy’s (Cheetahspark), Medicine Cat’s (Goldenfawn), and Medicine Cat Apprentice’s (Viperfrost), reign!! I’d like to give a GIANT thank you to all of them for the two years that they gave to the Blog, and the wonderfulness that they created! With the end of their term, begins a new one! Elections were announced on July 1st by Goldenfawn!! From there we had a long series of Hustings posts that I am far too lazy to link here where you were introduced to all of the awesome candidates! It all culminated on July 15th with a Finale post written by Vip! Thanks to all of your awesome voting, we now have a new Deputy (Shadeleap), a new Medicine Cat (Eggsnake), and a new Medicine Cat Apprentice (Mountainstorm)!! Congratulations you three, and a shout out to everyone else who ran!! If you want to hang out with any of them, make sure to pop into the Deputy Den or the Medicine Den!


Taking a bit of inspiration from the big Blog Elections, the Apprentice Army had their own set! It was a tough race, but in the end we ended up with quite a few new High Ranks! Flamepaw/spirit is our new Leader, with Hazypaw/mist as our second-in-command, and Mintpaw/flower (my cool apprentice) as the third-in-command! Lightningpaw/strike is the newest Medicine Cat, and Solarpaw/flare is the Medicine Apprentice! Sandpaw/breeze is the newest Mediator, and we are still waiting on news of their assistant!! Congratulations everyone!! A big shoutout to everyone else who ran, as well!! I’m so proud of you for putting yourselves out there! The Army is busy doing a lot of event planning over here if you’d like to join them!!


Silly bit of news, but as so many people have noticed it I felt like it deserved a mention! A few of the moddos (Birchy, cough cough) got called out for not having cool enough names! Ospreysplash was kind enough to make a new name for Birchfoot, and now the rest of the moddos have been affected! Mapledrift, Aquila, and Snowy were some of the first to fall! I have it on good authority that more moddos are on the way!! Emberdawn is all powerful and on another level from us regular mods (I believe she’s been referred to as THE MOD) and so she will be refraining from our silliness and setting a good example with her seasonal brand, as she’s done for the past….while! I’m sure we will all fall back to her ways soon :p

And that is all for this mini-monthly!! Thank you all for popping into this quick little catch up! See you again in August c:

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hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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