[Crowfeather introducing Leafpool as his girlfriend and Mothpool as Leafpool's girlfriend]

Why Mothpool is Better Than Crowpool Rant by Wisteriapaw

Wisteriapaw argues why Mothpool is a better ship than Crowpool.

[Crowfeather introducing Leafpool as his girlfriend and Mothpool as Leafpool's girlfriend]
Art by zekross
[Crowfeather introducing Leafpool as his girlfriend and Mothpool as Leafpool’s girlfriend]

Hey y’all Wisteriapaw~crow in the house! This is my 2nd article (Spoilers for TNP-The New Prophecy) <3 and i’ll be explaining why Mothpool (MothXLeaf) is a better ship than Crowpool, or CrowXLeaf. (Some spoilers for The Power of Three, Squifl Hope and Crowfeathers Trial!)

1. Crowfeather x Leafpool isn’t really a good ship, so we all know how leaf & crow went to live together. When they came back Crow battled and all with the badgers then went back to WC. Since he had broken the code he mated with Nightcloud to prove he was loyal and had Breezepelt (Makes no sense, what were you thinkin crowfeather!?!?).
|Btw if u didn’t know WC is windclan, TC is thunderclan, same with SC and RC|

2. He declared how he hated Leaf at the gathering where Hollyleaf revealed the three. (WHICH ASHFUR WAS ATTENDING TO!! Different topic~)
He was very toxic to Leaf after this.

3. Take a look at this scene in ‘Crowfeather’s Trial’

“Should we . . . should we be mates again?” Crowfeather suggested hesitantly.

This is proof Crowfeather will never change! He asked someone (Nightcloud) he still didn’t love to be mates with him And he’s still always thinking of one cat FEATHERTAIL… Which leads me to my next point.

4. He was thinking of feathertail the whole time he was with leafpool.
Although we don’t really get any first person with crowfeather in these scenes, it’s pretty clear he was only with leafpool because she reminded him of feathertail. The she – cats have similar personas, which is a clue to this, they’re both sweet, loving, understanding shes.

Those are my main reasons now lets take a look at
Why Mothpool is better
Mothwing is understanding and kind,
she always (If she asks) helps leafpool when their clanmates are hurt, and leafpool does the same!

They’ve known each other for longer and their development in this ship,
is soo cute! And guess what Leafpool has called Mothwing beautiful at least 10 times!
She even called her beautiful before she interacted with her!!! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And at least they actually know eachother well, not like Crow and Leaf who went off after one day, YES ONE DAY!

3. This is a segment from the Fandom page!

Leafpool and Mothwing were best friends since they were apprentices. They were both medicine cats, meaning they met frequently at half-moon meetings.

I’m going to have a few so look for the spaces!

When Leafpaw first sees Mothwing, she describes her as “startlingly beautiful”.

Crowfeather is often portrayed negatively as abusive or just not the right fit for Leafpool.

4. A segment from “Comparing Famous Warrior Cats Ships.” it’s by Crimsonclaw on Blogclan, go check it out after reading mine!!

I guess I just got the vibe from Crowfeather that he was all, “Nnooo! Feathertail! I will never take another mate and you were the best! *Cries hysterically*”, and then, two seconds later (Well, not really, I’m over-exaggerating), he’s with Leafpool!

And that’s it for today my hands hurt goodbye! And I’d like to say I won’t really change my mind, unless you provide super good reasons!

-Wisterapaw~crow the party cat out!

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