Happy Birthday, Frogpaw!

It’s Frogpaw’s Birthday!

Hi Frogpaw!

Woohooo it’s your birthday!!! Happy Birthday!! I hope that you’re going to have a great day, or if you’re reading this later, that you had a wonderful time! 😀

What are your plans for today? Do you have any special foods planned to eat? Or have you opened any presents yet?

BlogClan would love to know all about your day, if you’d like to tell us! We absolutely understand if not though! <3

A green cake shaped and decorated like a frog. Image credit to hobbycraft.

Here’s a frog cake that I found online for you! Doesn’t it look epic?! I love how neatly and well done the icing is 😀

And right here I’ll put in a gift that Rosepaw/fern has sent for you!

“Happy birthday Frogpaw! You rock! I hope you’re birthday is super awesome, and that you enjoy it a lot”

BlogClan thinks you’re awesome, Frogpaw!! We love seeing your comments on the Blog and you’re a really good friend to so many members! We hope you have a spectacular day!

Have a great day!
From Aquila and all of BlogClan 🩵

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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