Why I don’t want Squirrelflight as Leader by Rosefern

Rosefern shares why they don’t want Squirrelflight as leader of ThunderClan.

Official art by Owen Richardson

Heyo, Kitties! It’s me again, Rosefern, and I’m here to share the reasons I don’t think Squirrelflight would make a good leader of ThunderClan. If you read Shadow you probably know how it ends: Bramblestar is old, depressed and don’t think he make a good leader so going to have StarClan make Squirrelflight leader, and for her to become Squirrelstar. I don’t want that. And here’s why:
For one, she’s super old.
We’ve seen a lot of old cats going insane and doing a lot of dumb things as leader: Bluestar declaring war on StarClan, Onestar closing his borders, Leopardstar claiming the lake and all its fish…so many I won’t even bother to name…and of course, Squirrelflight’s own predecessor Bramblestar. Old cats don’t seem to make good leaders. Squirrelflight in ASC has already shown many signs of losing it: she beacame more snappy and just not the nicest cat. Also, she was trapped in the DF just like Bramblestar, which is the soul reason Bramblestar started feeling like a bad leader—the Dark Forest is a hard place to be trapped in. Who knows if it may affect Squilf in a similar way, even though she wasn’t there for as long.
Another thing is her quick temper.
She may want to leap into battle too easily, or be mean even to cats in her own Clan if they annoy her or don’t listen to her. This also combines with the factor that she’s old, which’ll probably make it worse.
Thirdly, not thinking before she acts.
We’ve seen this in the past, many times. Squilf thinks she can do anything and then just jumps in and does it without even thinking. Like all those times she followed Brambleclaw around when she was an apprentice because she was curious, to telling Tawnypelt that ThunderClan would help with the dogs, to constantly shouting out and/or starting fights at Gatherings… So many things, thinking before acting is a crucial part of being leader because sometimes the most obvious choices lead the Clan into disarray.
Reason number four: she could be unreliable.
Ok, from sheltering Leafpool’s kits to helping the Sisters constantly, when this she-cat knows what she wants, she’s happy to dessert, keep secrets from or lie to her Clan for it. Squilf is unreliable sometimes in this way, and a Clan leader gotta be reliable. This also circles back to reason three, not necessarily thinking before she acts, which is why I didn’t say these earlier. Here though, she does sorta think, but not about her Clan only about herself and her sister.
Those are the reasons I really don’t want Squilf as leader so now I’ll tell you some alternatives: cats I would like as leader. I will probably soon post something about who the best leaders would be in the other Clans, but not now.
Here goes!:
Number one: Ivypool!!!!!!!
Ivypool is such a good cat. She was bad as an apprentice but awesome as a warrior, she risked her life EVERY NIGHT in the DF for her Clan. I don’t think I can see Squilf doing that! Ivypool lost so much: her sister, to ShadowClan and the clutches of TigerstarII and her kit to the DF not even to StarClan she’s dead forever. She kinda deals with it though, unlike Squilf who would probably get mad and fight for it. Plus Ivypool knows all the DF’s battle moves so can teach them to her Clan incase of more trouble with them. Plus I want a female leader that hasn’t gotten depressed three times in her life, and after like a season had to be yelled at by a Senior Warrior or have her deputy about to die before she pulls herself together (Namely Bluestar one of my least fav characters) and I find Ivypool to be a excellent female role model for the above reasons.
Number two: Finleap.
Thanks to Moonpaw for the idea before I read their joint article with Dreampaw on who would make the best next ThunderClan leader, Finleap or Fernsong. I had never thought of Finleap as leader before I read that but I thought about it some more and I like it. Finleap is more quiet, reserved, observant, and won’t leap into battle everytime he gets mad. Also, if he’s a good leader he might be able to prove, in this tense time, that cats who switched Clans can make really good leaders. I’d like that.
Number three: Cinderheart.
Cinderheart is a sweet, caring, and level-headed cat, she’d make a awesome awesome awesome leader I think I want her as leader. She may be a bit old but she’s not like, elders den (For ThunderClan, if she were RiverClan or WindClan definitely because WindClan and Riverclan cats age weirdly hahaha) old like Squilf, Bramblestar, and Bluestar. You may notice I’m making a lot of Bluestar references LOL she’s just one of my least fav characters and just the character who comes to mind when I think of the things that the characters on this list are NOT. But ya. Cinderheart is a good cat, and also, she’s the cat who would realize how much trauma the severely flawed StarClan can cause a cat (I honestly don’t agree with Cinderpelt to live again in Cinderheart), and so she would make a good leader to not declare war on StarClan, but stand up to them and all their flaws. One last thing: when Dovewing and Ivypool are apprentices always working together we see her awesome mentoring skills, and that would be a good skill to have as leader.
That’s it! That’s why I don’t want a Squirrelstar and who I want instead. I hope you enjoyed my article, feel free to put your own oppinions in the comments! Rosefern, out.

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  • Flickerflame // Sis to Silverkit! // Flicker, Flick, Flicks // Flames Flickering in Summer Dawn // says:

    I kind of disagree but great article!

  • 🌊 Holzie 🌊 | 🌻 Hollypaw/stream, she/her 🦖 | 💫 Holly That Grows By Stream 🌌 | 🐬 Apprentice to the fantastic Honeydawn! 🌅 says:

    Good article, but I strongly disagree with all of your reasons. Even though Squirrelflight is old, she isn’t guaranteed to go insane as a leader. Also, she is not quick to rush into battle, the Broken Code’s proved that (I honestly don’t know where you got that from). Plus, your reasoning behind Squirrelflight not thinking before she acts is flawed. You used an example from Squirrelflight’s apprenticehood, and the reason she calls out in Gatherings is to express her own opinion. The only reason arguments break out is because the Clan cats don’t get along! And Squirrelflight is honestly becoming the only sane cat in the forest anymore. 😛 The part about Squirrelflight being unreliable is also wrong- Squirrelflight is empathetic, which is why she helped Leafpool and the Sisters! She has nothing against ThunderClan, and has said so and proved to be loyal! So, yknow, SQUIRRELSTAR FOR LIFEEEEEE WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, Finleap as deputy would be terrible because he’s gaslighted Twigbranch into saying “have my kits to be a good cat” (who says he won’t gaslight the Clan?). Ivypool MIGHT be good, but she is definitely more rash than Squirrelflight. Idk about Cinderheart 😛

  • 🌿♏ Blackpaw/fern 🌿 | Blackie || Ferns That Grow Under Summer Black Night (she, her) || The Amazing Sunflight's Apprentice ||(●'◡'●)♏🐱 | (hehehehehe)🥔🐻 | says:

    Great article! I agree with all your points! (Though I don’t really think all of the old leaders went insane and are bad leaders.) IVYSTAR FOR LEADER!!!!!

  • My main vote is for Ivypool! Instead of finleap, I’d want Twigbranch (I don’t like finleap that much). Great article!

  • Great article! I definitely agree that Squirrelflight is too old to be leader; she is close to being an elder. But I disagree with your other reasons, because I think that in between New Prophecy and Starless Clan Squirrelflight matured a lot and won’t be a hot tempered leader. As for the next leader, I don’t like Twigbranch, Cinderheart, or Finleap that much, and unfortunately Fernsong is a minor character, so I vote for Ivypool.

  • I disagree with everything, squirrelflight was a reasonable deputy, and will become a great leader. Also I hate Ivypool very deeply. Squirrelflight is literally the best cat in the whole series…

  • A nice article, but I disagree entirely. Just because Squirrelflight is old doesn’t mean she’ll make a bad leader. Also she’ll be great with Ivypool as deputy