Art by angellove12 [a starry kitten sits on a pool of stars]

Giving Warrior Names to Kits and Apprentices who Never got Them by Firestorm

Firestorm gives warrior names to characters that never got one.

Art by angellove12 [a starry kitten sits on a pool of stars]
Art by angellove12
[a starry kitten sits on a pool of stars]

Hello fellow blogclanners! It’s Firestorm with a third article! I know I haven’t written one in quite a while…… (looks at calendar and realizes it’s been a year), or been active on the website for a while, so I’m going to try to get back into it! Anyway, today I’m going to do something I’ve seen a lot on the blog, which is giving names to apprentices and kits who didn’t get them! I always enjoy reading those articles, and I hope you enjoy my spin of it!
The first kit/apprentice that comes into my head is Swiftpaw. I think the perfect name for him would be Swiftfoot, as in his apprentice ceremony it mentions how swift he is on his feet.
The next one that comes to mind is Snowkit. I think he should be named Snowheart, because he did learn to speak, even though he couldn’t hear, which must’ve required a lot of patience and determination!
Who’s next…… let me think. What about Mosskit? The poor girl died out in the snow. How about the name Mosspatch, because her coat had gray patches on it.
And then there’s poor Gorsepaw, who died under Tigerstar’s massive paw. I think he should be named Gorsefang, because he endured so much, the journey to and from Windclan territory when he was a kit when Brokenstar drove windclan out, and then the battle in which Tigerstar killed him.
Now let’s take a break from the first series, and look at the other ones. There’s Seedpaw, who drowned during the Great Storm. I think she should be named Seedstorm, because according to my memory, she was an energetic and determined apprentice. Let me know if I’m wrong!
Now there’s Flickerkit, who died almost immediately after birth, I think. He should be named Flickerpelt, just because I really like the way it sounds.
Then the one everyone’s wondering, Ravenpaw. I know the Erin’s confirmed that his name would have been Ravenwing, and I think that’s perfect for him! He has the most gentle personality.
And Shrewpaw, the apprentice who got run over. What a great legacy. Poor Shrewpaw. Anyway, I think his name should be Shewheart, because of his kind and loyal personality.
That’s all for today! Let me know if you like the names I chose, and what names you would have chosen for them! Firestorm out!

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