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My Favorite and Least Favorite Characters! by Goldenpaw

Goldenpaw lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

[a design reference for Dovewing]
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[a design reference for Dovewing]

First article, let’s go!
Hey, Goldenpaw here! I’m here to discuss my favorite and least favorite cats in Warrior Cats!

My least favorite characters!

4. Jagged Peak
Jagged Peak was an odd character, I didn’t like his arrogance, but ironically I liked Clear Sky and Blackstar because of their arrogance. I think I disliked Jagged Peak’s arrogance because I couldn’t really understand it. Blackstar, understandable, he was a leader of a clan. Clear Sky, understandable, watched his mate and sister die and was also the leader of a clan. Jagged Peak? Uh, I guess he was underestimated for half of his life? Still, I don’t enjoy his character.

3. Ivypool
The reason I dislike Ivypool is mostly because of the fandom, they keep exaggerating Dovewing’s actions to make Ivypool look better, which I think is really unfair. Also, Ivypool is extremely rude, short-tempered, and selfish. Erins, please do not make her the next deputy. PLEASE DON’T.

2. Twigbranch
Okay, Twigbranch I found very annoying, selfish, and childish. I thought she was very whiny and her clan-swapping was really annoying. Before you say anything, I know Dovewing swapped clans too, but at least she didn’t do it left and right! Make up your mind, please!

1. Hollyleaf
I absolutely DESPISE Hollyleaf, she’s hypocritical, narrow-minded, annoying, and selfish, but I’ll go into a deep dive about why I dislike her in a later article!

Favorite characters!

6. Sol
Sol was a fascinating character, he just showed up in Thunderclan camp, told everyone about “the darkness” and dipped. I really like how charismatic he is and how he wasn’t just “I’m going to take over the forest and kick everyone in the knee until I get it” He used words and wit over fighting skills.

5. Needletail
I love Needletail. I found her “annoying” personality quite funny to be honest. Her redemption arc was a bit short-lived, but I loved her slow and gradual realization that The Kin was not a good place. Her sacrificing her life for Violetpaw was very brave of her, and I admire that, especially when she was given the choice to spare her own life but kill Violetpaw in return. My favorite scene of Needletail though, was when Violetpaw saw her ghost.
“Violetpaw.” Needletail’s eyes glowed with affection as she saw her friend.
“I’m Violetshine now.” She raced to meet Needletail, a purr rumbling in her chest. She stopped short and blinked, as though a thought had just struck her. “You’re not with StarClan.”
“Not yet,” Needletail told her. “But I am with Clanmates now, thanks to you and Tree. And we will not go far until you are all safe.”
“You’re not angry with me anymore?” Violetshine blinked at her anxiously.
“I never was,” Needletail murmured. “You were the best friend I ever had. We will always be sisters.”

4. Blackstar
I found Blackstar’s personality and character development very interesting! His arrogance and short-tempered behavior made him a strong character. I really liked his novella where they did sort of a deep dive into Blackstar’s life and experiences. 2nd favorite leader, I’ll get to who my favorite leader is in this article!

3. Briarlight
I love Briarlight’s optimism and happy personality, despite her injury. Briarlight was also very supportive, I loved the little interactions between Briarlight and Alderheart, especially when Briarlight would help Alderheart cheat on some tests. I also liked the interactions between Briarlight and Jayfeather, I thought they worked well together (Not as mates). She was just so bright and positive, which is why I admired her so much. To think she used to be depressed and wanting to “be useful” because of her injury seems like a lie. She grew a lot as a character and I love that about her.

2. Clear Sky
I also liked Clear Sky because of his arrogance and short-tempered behavior. It was nice seeing him also grow and have character development! (We don’t talk about Moth Flight’s Vision) His redemption arc was very entertaining and his twisted relationship with Thunder was intriguing. I wish we could have had a POV from him in The Sun Trail. I got oddly frustrated with cats that told young kits that Clear Sky was the villain, which he was, but I felt like I understood his feelings, unlike any other character in DOTC.

1. Dovewing
My favorite character of all time is Dovewing! Dovewing is misunderstood by much of the fandom, and I think she needs more love! She’s thoughtful, kind, and understanding. I love her enthusiasm as an apprentice and I love how she perseveres even when her whole childhood was ripped from her paws. She is a very admirable character and I love her!

Goldenpaw, out!

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