[a design of Whitewing sitting on her haunches]

Underrated and Overrated Warrior Cats, Arcs, and Characters (part 1?) by Amberpaw

Amberpaw rates the first three arcs and lists the most overrated and underrated characters from each arc.

[a design of Whitewing sitting on her haunches]
Art by Marshcold
[a design of Whitewing sitting on her haunches]

Hello! It’s Amberpaw/sneeze! Today I’m going to be visiting the topic of: Underrated and Overrated Warrior Cats arcs… and characters!
I’m going to go over an arc, and say if it is over or underrated, along with its overrated and underrated characters!
Also, the character of the arc is not the one they were born, but the one where they were focused on.
(I had to rewrite this article, so it is different from the original idea)

First, The Prophecies Begin!
I think….. OVERRATED! The only book of this arc I enjoyed the entirety of was A Dangerous Path, my fav book! But… Books: 1, 2, 3, and 6 aren’t too great IMO. Everybody LOOOVES arc 1 however.. No hate on ppl who love the arc!
Most Overrated character: Graystripe
Traitorstripe is my least favorite character. He’s lower than Mapleshade, a literal murderer who thinks she was justified. He betrayed ThunderClan to join River, then betrayed River to join Thunder. Also, both of his mates were technically forbidden (Millie only for a little, though).
Most Underrated character: GOLDENFLOWER!
Goldenflower is the ultimate mama! I LOVE HER! She is so amazing, and also I love her so much I’m currently hosting a map mostly about her.

The New Prophecy:
I’m going for- UNDERRATED! Ppl always complain about TNP, (I admit, I have too…) but look at it closer! I love ‘the next generation’ type stories, and it brought me things such as: Whitewing, Crowpool, Squirrelflight, and silly names! (Ferncloud, Hawkfrost…. Ambersneeze..)
Most Overrated character: Hawkfrost.
I knowwww.. I just said he is great with the silly name stuff, but he’s so… annoyingly loved. He’s Tigerstar but.. Seen as quite flamboyant by the fans? I don’t know… He also never killed anyone when alive soooo meh.
Most Underrated character: Whitewing. I love her!! She never stood out as anything more than mini Frostfur to me until I read her perspective of the badger fight. It was- for lack of a better word, MOVING!!!

Power of Three:
OVERRATED! Sol, cool!, Fire scene, SHOCKING!, Er…. What else is there again? Slow chapters? Lionblaze?
Most Overrated character: Jayfeather. He’s not baddd, but not as good as the fandom seems to think.
Most Underrated character: Minnowtail. Who is she? Why did Mousewhisker love her? Did she love him? *in Moonkitti voice* Why isn’t she the leader of RiverClan?
Anyways, Minnowtail is so odd? I love her!

Thank you for reading! I’ll do a part two if ppl want, and (if) once I’ve done every arc, I’ll do novellas.

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