[a realistic drawing of Ivypool perched between the branches of a tree]

My Favorite and Least Favorite Warriors Cats by Fawnpaw

Fawnpaw lists their favourite and least favourite cats from the series.

[a realistic drawing of Ivypool perched between the branches of a tree]
Art by panops
[a realistic drawing of Ivypool perched between the branches of a tree]

Hi blogclanners! It is I, Fawnpaw the great (well kinda great), back with her second article. Today I will be talking about my favorite and least favorite Warriors cats. Please note that this is my opinion and your’s may be different but please no harsh comments.
I’ll start with my favorites.


3. Hollyleaf -.HOLLYLEAF!!!!!!. I love Hollyleaf because she is just plain AWESOME. It must have been hard to realize that she wasn’t part of The 3 but her brothers were and she didn’t freak out when Dovewing was the third cat . I also love her character development, she made the books really interesting. And she saved my girl, Ivypool, so that automatically makes her the best. Alrighty, that’s all for Hollyleaf.

2. Mapleshade – Mapleshade is #2 because her kits died. I agree that she does deserve the DF but I kinda understand why she did the things that she did. But why she’s not #1 is because I adore the way Ivypool stayed strong while Mapleshade just started to become… well a murderer. But her kits died and her mate cheated on her to become loyal to his clan (much sarcasm on loyal). Oh, and did I mention that he blamed her for killing their kits when HIS patrol didn’t help them. To stop this from a rant about why I hate Appledusk (that’s for later) that’s all for Mapleshade.

1. Ivypool! – I love Ivypool because of how she stays strong even when her sister, Dovewing leaves for Shadowclan and when Bristlefrost dies. AND BRISTLEFROST WAS HER KIT! I don’t imagine myself being as strong if my child dies and my sister leaves. But that’s what happened to her and she grieved but wouldn’t you? But what’s important is that she moved on and stayed close to her clan. Ok, I think that’s it for Ivypool.

Now for my least favorite cats

Least Favorites:

3. Rainflower – I’m sorry but how she treated Crookedkit is not ok. She abandoned him while he needed her most. And she clearly favors Oakit making Crookedkit feel like trash. Now I love Mapleshade but ITS HER FAULT THAT MAPLESHADE GOT TO HIM. Sorry… I think that’s all.

2. Appledusk – Breathe, Maplepaw, breathe. Well this tom abandoned his mate, took a new one just to stay loyal to his clan. Then like I mentioned before blamed his mate for their kits’ death when HIS patrol didn’t help them. Oh, and the new mate he took, Reedshine, was already pregnant. Wow, Appledusk, that was quick. So I could go on and on but that’s all for Appledusk.

1. And for the cat that I hate the most is………… TIGERSTAR 2!! I hate him because he abandoned his mate, his clan, and his dad even when they needed him the most. Now in Tigerheart’s Shadow we see him in despair because he couldn’t choose between his mate and his clan. He eventually goes with Dovewing but here’s the thing, he has chosen before, and he chose his clan. I forgot my example so hehe. Anyway, that’s it for Tigerstar 2.
Thank you for reading. I am really proud of this article and I hope y’all liked it.
-Fawnpaw out

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  • I love this! I love Ivypool and I also love Bristlefrost! 🙂
    Before when I saw this, I thought it was against Ivypool, so I preparing myself to defend Ivypool, but I was wrong and I’m kind of happy about it. It’s nice to see how people support/like Ivypool. I totally agree with you about the cats you dislike. Tigerstar (Tigerheart) is one of my least favorite characters. And I really don’t like Dovewing either. I am a a hudge Ivypool fan and will always side with her. ^^


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