[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]

How Hollyleaf Could Have Improved by Shiningfrost

Shiningfrost takes a look at Hollyleaf’s writing.

[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]
Art by KenjiCotton (RedBubble)
[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]

Hi! It’s Shiningfrost, the ThunderClan warrior, here to discuss… how Hollyleaf could have been better.
Don’t get me wrong; she’s still great, even one of my favorite characters, but she does have one over-exaggerated, hard-to-ignore flaw:
She loves the Warrior Code way too much! She acted every time anyone broke the warrior code – even in the littlest way possible – like they had committed a crime against the entirety of Warrior Cats. It really led me to get annoyed with her, and to be honest, I didn’t really appreciate her until her return in The Forgotten Warrior, where she became more intriguing, more fierce, and most importantly, less sensitive to “breaches of the Code”.
Nowadays, I appreciate her for lending Warriors an interesting perspective and a cat who interests me more than I would have expected. What changed?
Well, even over the course of two books, she acted in a way that made it easy to forget her previous actions and opinions; she helped spy on another Clan and teach her Clan of the ways to properly fight underground, and developed a fierce, brave personality that comes to mind whenever her name is mentioned. The novella Hollyleaf’s Story helped explain how she changed from an overly code-obsessed character to an interesting, fierce, brave character willing to do whatever it took to make it up for her Clan. (Alright, all I’m doing right now is praising, and I’m guessing that that’s all I will be doing for the rest of the article, but whatever. If you’re not interested, click the “back” button, if not, hang in there, I’m getting to the conclusion).
Hollyleaf has managed to make up for her disappearance, sacrificing her life in the Great Battle to save Ivypool from the Dark Warrior Thistleclaw. And for those of you who accuse her of murder, REREAD the Broken Code and see for yourself why she was justified to kill Ashfur. Even if it was for selfish intentions, Ashfur’s performance in The Broken Code instantly justified her actions. If you still think she’s a villain because she killed Ashfur, *another villain*, she definitely made it up – remember that nice time when she was stuck in some dark tunnels with no one with an old ghost? Hollyleaf must have loved that – not! She sacrificed herself in the Great Battle for the sake of her Clanmates – that itself should be enough for you.
Well, I’ve decided to start wrapping up – she’s a great character, brave and loyal, fighting for her birth Clan; but you now know why I didn’t really like her til’ The Forgotten Warrior.

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