[Curlfeather sits in front of the shadows of three attacking dogs. "trust NO ONE" is written around her]

Murder Mistery: a Starless Clan investigation

Sparrowstrike aims to solve the mystery of A Starless Clan.

[Curlfeather sits in front of the shadows of three attacking dogs. "trust NO ONE" is written around her]
Art by nanistar (tumblr)
[Curlfeather sits in front of the shadows of three attacking dogs. “trust NO ONE” is written around her]

Trust no cat…

Hi everybody, welcome back in another article! Today, I, Sparrowstrike (alias Detective Sparrow) will share a Starless Clan theory about the biggest mystery: who is the evil cat who has so much blood on his/her paw?


She was suspected because the screech that Sunbeam heard was probably Reedwhisker’s dying cry, and after that, Lightleap appeared from the direction of RiverClan’s territory, and was acting very suspicious. But I want to clear her: she is not a murderer. Why? First, because it would be too obvious. In the Warriors series, everything is just more difficult than that. Okay, it’s not the most convicing reason, but the next one is. And that would be the fact that in Frostpaw’s vision, Reedwhisker recognized his attacker, and after the vision, he warned Frostpaw that there is a darkness in RiverClan, closer than she thinks.
With these evidences, we can clear Lightleap, and now we know that his murderer was a RiverClan cat.

The Tiger in the River: What is he doing there?

However, I’m certain that Lightleap has something to do with Reedwhisker’s death. And if my theory is right, Tigerstar’s takeover in RiverClan is strongly linked to the deputy’s mysterious death.
Many of the fans wondered if the second Tigerstar is gonna be evil like the first. But I think his intentions are good. Because he wants to stop murderers from taking over RiverClan.
So here is my theory: Lightleap was reckless again, and she tried to hunt on RiverClan’s territory, but she accidentally witnessed Reedwhisker’s death. She ran away, but she didn’t dare to tell Tigerstar what she saw, because then she would have to reveal that she was hunting in another Clan’s territory. And she was in trouble alredy, she did not want to cause another.
But on the emergency gathering, where Owlnose was posing as Owlstar, and Splashtail was acting as his deputy, Lightleap got scared that Reedwhisker’s murderer will take over the leaderless RiverClan, but she still didn’t dare to tell Tigerstar what she saw. And when Tigerstar suggested that he should take over RiverClan for a while, she thought it was a good idea, because then, she wouldn’t have to reveal the truth to her father, and RiverClan will do their things under the ShadowClan leader’s watchful eye. But his idea was turned down by the other leaders, and Lightleap had her problems again.
When Berryheart accused Tigerstar of wanting to take over RiverClan, he furiously denied. And that was the last straw for Lightleap: she could not bear her knowledge anymore, and she told everything to her father. And we know what happened after that…
This is why did Tigerstar changed his mind so quickly about taking over RiverClan.

So who is the murderer?

I think it is someone who is close to Frostpaw. Here is the list of the cats who are closer to our protagonist:

Duskfur(she is Frostpaw’s grandmother)
Podlight(she is Curlfeather’s sister so she is Frostpaw’s kin, too…)
Harelight(he is her mentor now, so he is closer to her i guess…)
Icewing(maybe she is kind of… the friend of Frostpaw?)

I won’t write her siblings here, because they are definitely not murderers…

And if my theory is right, and Tigerstar took over RiverClan to stop the murderer(s), then it’s not Icewing or Harelight, because he trusts in them. And Mothwing has been here for a long time, she didn’t become evil suddenly!
So that leaves Curlfeather, Duskfur, Splashtail and Podlight. And what happened exactly? Reedwhisker disappeared on a patrol, when he was with….(drumroll please…) CURLFEATHER, SPLASHTAIL, AND PODLIGHT! And there was another cat with them: Fognose, who is SPLASHTAIL’S BROTHER! (Duskfur was not there, but that doesn’t mean that she is innocent…) And then, the other event: who attacked Frostpaw and why? Who did she confide in? She confided in SPLASHTAIL! He was the only one who knew about her plan! And why did he attacked Frostpaw? Because he didn’t want another cat to know that Reedwhisker was murdered! And when they went to search for Reedwhisker, and Frostpaw was in the lead, Splashtail clearly wanted to distract the others from the cliff, and when Frostpaw noticed the claw marks on the deputy’s back, Curlfeather said it was nonsense, when it was clear that something attacked Reedwhisker. And if Frostpaw doesn’t have a connection with StarClan, than how can she talk to her mother? She is not in StarClan? Maybe she doesn’t belong there… The more I think about it, the more it seems that the patrol killed Reedwhisker. How come that Sunbeam heard his screech from ShadowClan territory, but the patrol didn’t hear it… It seems like they just didn’t want to hear it….
But if Curlfeather was involved in the crime, why did she get killed? (I’m certain that the dogs were lured there for purpose, and her last words made clear that she knows something…) Why did StarClan chose Curlfeather when they knew what happened?What was the plan that ShadowClan’s takeover ruined?

The plan:

So, what was the plan? I think I know it.
Everyone in RiverClan saw that Mistystar was getting really old, (she has been here since Bluestar’s Prophecy!) and she is going to die soon. Duskfur, Splashtail, Curlfeather, Podlight and Fognose also saw this, and they had a plan. Their plan was to kill Reedwhisker and threat Mistystar to make Splashtail deputy. They all knew that the chosen deputy will be leader soon, so they agreed when Splashtail becomes Splashstar, he will make Duskfur deputy, and Fognose, Curlfeather and Podlight will be their strongest supporters in the Clan.
They also decided that they will need StarClan’s seemingly support, so Curlfeather tricked Frostpaw into being a medicine cat apperantice, so they can manipulate her and send false signs to her.
But their plan completely backfired. Mistystar died when they killed Reedwhisker on the hunting patrol, and now RiverClan was leaderless.
But then, every member of the conspirators saw their chances, to become leader without ever being a deputy. They became even more power greedy. Curlfeather was the first to act: she laid a curled feather to place where her daughter could easily notice it and take it as a sign that Curlfeather should be the leader of RiverClan. Her plan worked, and Frostpaw announced that RiverClan’s new leader is should be her mother. But Duskfur and the others figured out her actoins, and they led the dogs tto the Moonpool to kill Curlfeather. They succeded. And why did Curlfeather say that trust no cat? I think it’s because although she is evil, she still cares for her daughter, and she knows if she accidentally finds out something, she will be traumatised that her mother lied to her all along, or worse, she might get killed.
Next time, when Frostpaw spoke to Curlfeather, the ghost regretted that she was trying to take the position for herself, and she returned to the original plan. She told her daughter that she must look beyond the obvious choices, in hopes that she will choose Splashtail. But Frostpaw chose Owlnose, so Duskfur and her group threatened Owlnose to choose Splashtail as his deputy. Owlnose did as he was told, but he lived his days in fear of being killed by the traitors. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and stepped down from leadership. And technically, Splashtail was the new leader.
But that’s when Tigerstar and ShadowClan came, and ruined their plans completely. That’s why Splashtail and Duskfur are more hostile than any other cat in RiverClan.

Yeah, I know it’s a very complex theory, but for me, this is the most logic answer to these mysteries.
Well, that’s all for now, see you again in another article! Goodbye!
*Detective Sparrow out*

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