• Perchkit sits down in front of the nursery. “Where did Splashpaw go…” He would look around the clearing waiting to see if he could find Splashpaw. “I guess I can try to make new friends…after all eventually Splashpaw will be a warrior.” He spots Shadowkit in the medicine den. He walks over to see her and apologize to her (again). “Uhmmm…hi Shadowkit. I really am sorry for how I had treated you. I was wondering if you want to play a game of moss ball with me.”

  • She looks over at Perchkit who had just asked her to play some moss ball. ” Well I need to let my injuries heal…but after that I guess I can play with you if you can’t play with Splashpaw right now. Though we can hang out and talk while we wait…it might be a couple days though. Until then I would love some company. Because no one has come to visit but you.” She looked at him and smiled. “Okay! We can do that” Perchkit responded smiling.

    • “We can do that!”, he would respond, he sat down next to her and started talking to her. “So what should we talk about. Well technacliy we’re already talking, but we can talk about something specific though there might be a lot of specific things we could talk about”. He realized he was talking too much. “Oh…did i talk to much…?” He began to get a little embarrassed because he had talked too much. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I talked too much, it’s just that once I start talking…I just can’t stop.”

    • 🌿💛🌿Morningpaw/web🌿💛🌿 || Future mentor to Amethystpaw ||🪻Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the flowers.🪻 || 🌧🪺 “I’m a medicine cat. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery.” – Jayfeather 🌧🪺 || says:

      (Shadowkit, who do you want to be your adopted mother/father?)

  • Name: Firekit
    Purrsona: Black furred she-cat with orange spots, with a few white spots on the face, FLUFFY
    Personality: Kind, gentle, brave, caring
    Gender: She-cat
    Rank: Kit
    Skills: Jumping high and climbing
    Flaws: gets scared by loud noises
    Anything Else: Loves swimming, loves to play fight, and LOVESSS having friends
    Questions: None ^^

  • Splashpaw heads to the elders den and starts cleaning the elders ticks and grabs some prey for the elders once he had finished taking care of the elders. He sneaks out of camp to go meet Frostpaw. He sits in the clearing waiting for Frostpaw to come. As he sits there he thinks about how he hurt Shadowkit and left Perchkit. He looks up and the bush shakes and Frostpaw tumbles out of the bush and pads over to Splashpaw dropping a fish in front of him. Splashpaw and Frostpaw eat together and fall asleep. Splashpaw wakes up and sneaks back into camp and back into his bedding, and falles alsleep.

  • It doesn’t matter who my mother/father is

  • She looks are PerchKit and asks “Why were you so mean to me, also I didn’t mean to say I was gonna kidnap you I just wanted friends….” She stares at Perchkit.

    • “Well…uhmmmm…I.” He would stutter as he tried to explain. “You see, I didn’t mean to be rude…I just had plans to play with Splashpaw…but now he diapered and let me behind before we could finish our game. So I guess what I’m saying sorry again.”

  • “well…if you put it that way I guess I can forgive you. And why did Splashpaw have to leave you…that was really mean of him.” She said as she continued talking to Perchkit. “You have a point…I’m always looking around camp for him and he always tells me after he is finished with his apprentice duties he will play with me, but whenever he is done I can’t find him.” They continue to talk and Shadowkit cuddles close to Perchkit and nuzzles his cheek and says goodnight.

  • Perchkit gives Splashpaw a quick glare and then marches off to the nursery. “Good night Shadowkit. I’m going to sleep.” He settles down next to Mistywhisker and falls asleep.

  • ShadowKit Looks at Splashpaw and says “I forgive you, It was mainly my fault” She says. ShadowKit Looks at her wounds “it was my fault you hit me”

  • In the morning when Shadowkit wakes up she feels better. She leaves the medicine den and find s the nursery. She notices that Perchkit is still sleeping so she cuddles close to him and buries her head into his fur and falls asleep beside him.

  • In the morning when Shadowkit wakes up she feels better. She leaves the medicine den and find s the nursery. She notices that Perchkit is still sleeping so she cuddles close to him and buries her head into his fur, and falls asleep beside him.

  • Walks into the nursery and sees Perch Kit and Shadow cuddling. “Aw. They are such a cute kit couple.” She walks over to a nest far away from everybody and gets into a ball and falls asleep.

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