• Perchkit wakes up to see Shadowkit sleeping beside him. He feels his face blush and he nuzzles his head against her fur. “I love you Shadowkit” he whispers. He falls back asleep cuddling next to her

  • He would wake up and get Shadowkit awake with him. “Wanna go watch the sunset with me?” He asked.

  • 🌿💛🌿Morningpaw/web🌿💛🌿 || Future mentor to Amethystpaw ||🪻Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the flowers.🪻 || 🌧🪺 “I’m a medicine cat. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery.” – Jayfeather 🌧🪺 || says:

    Wishstar went out for a hunt and caught a vole and a fat squirrel. She took the squirrel to Mistywhisker and Beewing in the nursery, brought the vole to Littletoe in the elders den, and took a small thrush from the fresh-kill pile for herself. A cold breeze blew through the camp, it’s leaf-fall, she realized, we need to stock the fresh-kill pile better, the prey should be fattening up for leaf-bare. Wishstar finished her thrush and headed up to her den to rest.

  • ShadowKit wakes up and says “sure i’ll watch the sunset with you” ShadowKit gets up and stands next to PerchKit.

  • She wakes up to rustling and looks around but sees nothing.. “Huh?…” she says in fear. “Never mind I need to sleep after a long day of running around…” She curls back up into the ball she was in and falls asleep again.

  • Creamycloud stepped out to the medicine den to go check on Shadowkit’s scratches, to see if the healing well “Shadowkit! come here!” she called

    CLoudfrost padded into the clearing and went towards the nursery to check on his mate, he entered and noticed Creamycloud, he nodded and went to his mate, his 3 kits were playing.
    “Come back here Crystalkit!” Called Snowkit as he ran over his sister
    “Haha! she’s faster than you!” teased Gingerkit.
    He chuckled and went to his mate.
    “how are you” he asked and he licked her cheek.
    she purred as CLoudfrost layed next to her, and watched their kits.

  • He watches the sunset with Shadowkit. “It’s really pretty isn’t it?” Shadowkit says. “Just not as pretty as you.” He retorts.

  • She smiles at Perchkit and hears her name being called. “Oh…I have to go to the medicine den. I will come back once I’m done though” She smiles and runs off the the medicine den.

  • ShadowKit looks at her scratches then looks at Creamycloud “there feeling better still kinda hurts though, but ill be ok”

  • She wakes up from her LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGGGG nap and walks around a bit unsure of where she is and walks over to a flower bed and plays with the flowers.

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